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It's here! Get the download in the description.

2.0 Change Log

* Proto now has custom health! Getting hit by enemies is a bit more dangerous now, but you can upgrade your health pool by collecting emeralds.
* Feel the rush!! Proto will get an adrenaline boost whenever he dashes into enemies, making him temporarily stronger and faster.
* Proto can "air hop" while in ball form -- for a little fuel, you can slow your momentum and hop forward in the air. Good for precision platforming!
* New item pickups have been added, and monitors can now drop items as well.
* Ambushes progress in difficulty and reset upon death -- the longer you go, the bigger challenges you will face.
* A new HUD, designed to be more informative and more compact for Proto players.
* Several new console commands have been added -- type proto_help for a full list.

* Optimized performance
* Improved mod compatibility with SUBARASHII

* Jump height increased.
* Fuel no longer regenerates in Single Player/Coop/Race (must collect pickups to use).
* Tweaked fuel item pickup values
* Proto's bullets will now be deflected by solid objects and some projectiles. (e.g. Unidus spiked balls, Gargoyles)
* Dash duration increased (12 -> 15 tics)
* Ambushes are less likely to occur while fighting enemies.
* Proto has been overhauled in CTF and Match in order to make him more competitive
-- Proto now uses red rings instead of popguns
-- All of Proto's weapon rings destroy monitors
-- Raised Proto's fuel regeneration cap (6 -> 16)
-- Fuel regeneration cap increases as more power stones are collected.

* Fixed enemies and monitors turning invisible when shot
* Fixed Proto being able to use jet fuel while carrying the flag
* Fixed Proto not being able to turn Super in Match/CTF

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