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You rock! I am all on board with this! I was actually wanting some sort of ability to color remap textures for this purpose exactly, but I'm not a coder and couldn't implement this sort of thing myself.

I would have recolored them all as manual new textures, and meant to do so, but in the case of my crimson core arrows, I was like, "do I really want this many alt colors of an 11 frame texture bloating up the resource wads and filesize?"

This is a wonderfully hacky way to do this! It had me jawdrop! I have one criticism, though. Why use the balloon object? That means this won't work in any levels with balloons used, such as balloon panic, or monster monarch, or w/e. Why not just make a custom object to serve the same purpose? ^^
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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