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Ack, I see what happened. I didn't use SKYNUM in the MAINCFG for Ponies Suck Zone, so it ends up with REDWALL. My bad. Also, I meant to remove that Death Pit in the area with the Armageddon Shield, as I think you can tell from its texturing. I have added these admissions of error into my comments about my levels.

Geez, though, in spite of how many fantastic levels we've got here, this contest seems almost cursed, because there are tons of people who should know better making really stupid errors. Aside from my own goofs, we have Kuba11 failing to add an Exit Sector, Chrome doing that...thing...that got him disqualified, Aries City lacking a proper header, and D00D64 misusing the Star Post Activators. It's like the Twilight Zone or something...
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