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Sparkling Abyss Zone by Katmint

This map was really empty and the freefalls were quite annoying. Yes once you know where the exits and/or the platforms are after your first lap they become simpler, but still one slip up and you fall right back down. This makes the stage feel less like a race stage since it takes a chunk of your time. On the plus side the rainbow colormaps in a row were nice and I liked your choice in music.

Acid Valley Zone by Miles Knuckle Power

I must say that this map was playable and that all characters could make it through each of the areas, except for one. The one part in the stage with the crumbling platforms above the area that one passes before is a pain for people playing as Sonic. Simply put when another player passes over this section anyone as Sonic cannot get over this gap, even by spindashing then thokking. Also the zoom tube that takes you to the end is sort of hard to find, I would suggest making it more visible using scenery among things to do so. Lastly the zoom tube seemed very rather long, maybe you could have added more onto the map instead of using the zoom tube to skip back to start. Some positive things I liked about your map was the door closing part way, and the factory part scenery was nice.

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