January/February 2011 Voting

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Single Player

Wood Asleep by Internet Explorer:

Wow, the visuals are quite different from the typical map you see, I give you props for that. Unfortunately, that's where the problems already begin. First off, it's far too dark. Sure it's meant to look spooky, but it just made playing the level harder than it should be. Also, the textures are VERY dull, and it just makes the gameplay a bit boring. I do like the open atmosphere though, with all the little hidden items everywhere. One other fatal flaw is the lack of a challenge, I find this more of an item hunt than anything, if you forget the items and head straight off to the goal, you could easily beat this in about 30 seconds so sweat. I say you should focus more on the actual level itself than the secrets, though those should still be there too. I also suffered quite a few visual glitches, you should work on those. Not too bad though , I like where you're heading.

Colossal Castle Zone by Katmint: 2/10


I tried to finish this level, I really did.

To start off, everything in the levels appears to be HUGE, with uneccesary and blocky staircases and huge square platforms. The music was just awful, and didn't really help the atmosphere of the level. It was just downright dull and boring. Half of the time I was confused as hell on what I was supposed to do. Oh, and the monitor gimmick is okay, but doesn't really help the level up much. It even got annoying to the point where I just used no clip at some parts. I thought it couldn't get worse... but it did. You decide the slap Brak Eggman RIGHT in the middle (or end...?) of the map! The whole boss was broken and sloppily done. It just got downright frustrating to the point where I decided to quit the level, because after wasting almost 15 minutes wandering around, it gets old pretty fast. Please get rid of the statue gimmicks and Brak Eggman, and get some better music.

Oh, and:
Lol broken death pit.

Grassy Cliffs by NeroTheArmadillo



Windmill Hill Zone by Ultimate:


It wasn't bad, but you really could have tried harder. There are a lot of visual glitches going on and the level design is overall bland. All I did was bounce off springs, run through bridges and jump. And it was all done in a minute. Not the most thrilling level in my opinion.

Clockwork Grove by Thompson:

Oh wow, you HUGELY improved from your zone in the previous contest. Let me start off by saying that the level looks beautiful, and the custom badnik and the bugs (whatever those glowing things are) were a really nice touch. I really had fun figuring out the puzzles, which weren't too difficult. But of course, there's still problems. The platforming isn't too bad, but in some parts it can last a bit too long, making falling off slightly more irritating. Also, the very beginning just seems to be missing something, though I'm not quite sure what it is. It just doesn't feel too right to me. Other than that, excellent level. I look forward to your future work.

Wonder Terrace Zone by BlazeFan1:

I really liked the concept of this level. It actually worked out really well for this level and that's good. Each theme wasn't designed too complex, which I like, and it all mixes up well. One thing that really bugged me was the lack of checkpoints. Especially since you have to do every part all over again. Overall not bad at all.

Splash Garden Zone Act 1 by Blade
: 7/10

I'll just start off by saying I am not a fan of 2D mode. But of course I'll just disregard that and get on to the level. It was short, and basic. That's honestly all I felt out of this level, it didn't contain anything too exciting in my honest-to-god opinion. There was nothing necessarily bad about the level, which is definitely a good thing. You had custom enemies, you had the good design, but the 2D just doesn't fit it in all that well. Good job nonetheless.
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a scar in time...
Thompson. Wow. I had a ton of fun with your map. First time I've said "wow" from playing an SRB2 map in a while. The visuals were just amazing, I loved those colored floating lights everywhere...wow. I'm gonna replay this. I'm sorry that I can't give you any constructive advice at the moment. I'm just too much in awe.

I thought I'd post this here. It was supposed to be included as a README, but I guess they don't do that with the submissions D:

And here is a gigantic rant some info about my level for those who want to read it...
This is my first entry into the level design contest! I decided to enter this map into the contest in hopes to get good feedback on how to improve. It is currently unfinished and will be further improved in the future.
I tried to inspire a sense of freedom and simplicity in this map. This is meant as an introductory map, simple and without much difficulty.

It's a fairly short level, and can be easily beaten within a minute or less. In order to best enjoy this level, I suggest exploring and just having fun :P Although this level is very simple, I tried to incorpate a few very tiny things to keep veteran players interested...like the location of the Speed Shoes for speedrunners. And a couple of secrets (more on those at the bottom of this text).

There are many areas that are currently very plain and undecorated. Also, there are several "slime trails" which I want to try to fix without affecting the visual aesthetics. The "easy route" (which takes the longest, but is the most simple) is very unpolished, and I'm considering remaking that area for future versions. To me, it feels kind of boring and uninspired ^^"

I haven't really tested this map with Knuckles or Tails, but I hope that for any of you who play as them, this map will still be fun. This is my first map since Rebirth Green Hill Zone, and I would like to say I've improved quite a bit since then, but I guess I'll find out soon enough ^^. I would love to get some feedback on my level, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

There are currently three emeralds hidden in the map, and one easter eggman. Also, there is an emblem, which is meant to be for Sonic, but I couldn't figure out how to specifiy it as Sonic-Only. In future versions, I will add some things for Tails and Knuckles. Eventually, the emeralds and easter-eggman will be replaced with something else which all lead to one central secret.

This level was actually based off a dream I had of SRB2...(Kind of sad...xD) But it was so much fun to play in my dream that I wanted to try and recreate it. It turned out quite a bit differently than I dreamt it, but I hope it's still fun. There are some elements from my dream that I'm hoping to incorporate in Act 2 :P

I also am hoping to create my own custom music for this stage, but that probably won't happen for quite a while ^^"
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Single Player:
Wood Asleep by Internet Explorer - 3/10
Ignoring all the unnecessary, overkill audio and graphics, this is a generic map that really doesn't have a lot going for it. The dark forest theme is a neat idea, but you don't do anything with it except provide excessive amounts of blank territory, with springs to nowhere and only a few secrets in a truly fast area. There needs to be more to do in this map.

Colossal Castle Zone by Katmint - 2/10
This is the exact opposite end of the spectrum. This is a confusing mess with no direction whatsoever. The gargoyle monitor isn't explained at all, and I simply noclipped past the doors the first time because I was completely dumbfounded as to how to pass them. After being told how the boxes work in #srb2fun, it doesn't help matters much. This map is a confusing mess, and even after I've beaten it twice it's not a huge improvement. Also, the massive amount of tedious stairs NEED to go.

Grassy Cliffs by NeroTheArmadillo - 0/10
Serves me right for not testing the SP stages once before zipping them up, I guess. Crash on load unplayable.

Windmill Hill Zone by Ultimate - 4/10
The windmills were cool. The rest of the stage is the very definition of bland, especially the awful visuals. Those textures are nothing short of blinding used in that manner, and everything is a square, which looks more like a building than what's supposed to be a natural area.

Clockwork Grove by Thompson - 8/10
Another great map. There are still a few points where it's easily possible to get stuck and not know where to go, but overall this is great. I actually like the puzzle solving and this makes me feel better about it than the previous map because I never had the situation with the spindash into the pillar like the previous map. I absolutely LOVED the bouncy plants, and they were executed extremely well. My main objection is a few areas where it's hard to see, such as the blind jump from the water slide onto platforms you can't possibly see, which caused me to fall and have to climb up there a THIRD time. Also, some of the transitions are just walking into black space and teleporting, which just feels wrong. At least hide that you're using a relative teleport, like in ERZ2.

Wonder Terrace Zone by BlazeFan1 - 5/10
A gimmick room stage, like AGZ3. While not a bad thing in general, you forgot to make the stage not reload on death, meaning if you die in any location, you have to do the entire section over again. This just makes the stage very tedious. On top of that, several of the gimmick rooms are REALLY unclear, killing you for not doing it in the approved way. I did really like the black and white area.

Splash Garden Zone Act 1 by Blade - 7/10
I still hate 2D mode, but if you're going to do it, this is an absolutely epic way to do so. The scenery especially is top of the line. Most of my gripes with this stage are really just gripes in 2D itself, but there's no real getting around how broken it is.

Cold Cavern by jloy1 - 2/10
How to win at this map, in three steps: grab rings, stand in center and get hit, pick up rings. There is absolutely nothing to this map at all and it's incredibly dull.

Zoom Ship Zone by Katmint - 4/10
This stage is a really neat idea that just needs a LOT of refinement. There are a ton of passages that are basically invisible, especially on the outside. On the inside, there are a lot of areas that are just obtuse, with little pits that look weird and all sorts of other quirks. Why not just make all the damaging floors just small pits with the painful electric texture for clarity? It makes no sense to fall through textures and get hit like that.

Rush Flower Zone by KO.T.E - 6/10
Well, you sure proved me wrong that you can't make a good rush level in two hours in 2.0. Great job. With a better theme and some proper decoration this could make a fine level. As it is, the balance is way off, with the SRM, Rail, and Explosion all right next to each other.

Capture the Flag:
Damp Campus Zone by Fawfulfan - 8/10
This was a pleasant surprise. The rain should probably go for framerate reasons, but I had a blast on this level. I'd check over the emerald spawn locations, though, as I had 6 emeralds for a good 6-7 minutes and I never found the last one despite doing nothing but looking for a good 2-3 minutes.

Cold Sea Zone by Katmint - 4/10
The springs in this stage REALLY annoy me. I keep springing up and just barely missing the platform and having to go all the way back around again. Making a large area for the player to land after hitting the springs would solve a lot of my headaches in this stage. You also might want to put some kind of ways to block line of sight, because I was abusing rail to the point of it being completely unfair.

Volcanic Shelter Zone by Kuba11 - 6/10
While a lot of people were complaining about camping during the round, I personally find that to be a GOOD thing. I had a lot of fun here. On the other hand, this stage desperately needs an alternate pathway to the other base, as if they take your flag it's absolutely clear where they're going.

Misty Mire Zone by Charybdizs - 0/10
What I played of this was actually quite fun. The layout seems above average and the gimmicks seem to work fine. The problem, as stated above, is that the flag falls from the sky onto the roof above the flag room when returned, therefore making it completely impossible to capture the flag and thereby unplayable.

Sparkling Abyss Zone by Katmint - 3/10
Interesting idea, but it really doesn't work out. It simply is frustrating normally, and in OpenGL I just set my first person camera on and look straight down, completely nullifying it and giving me a huge unfair advantage. Prime, this is how I beat you, in case you're curious.

Acid Valley Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 3/10
You were in the game I played of this, so you already know the main problems, but the instant death is a cheap hazard in race, especially with the collapsing platforms that only let the person in first get through. Also, the zoom tube is completely invisible to the player unless they're basically right on top of it.


ArchPack 2.2 is out
Do you mean there's like an invisible barrier of some sort blocking you?
I just played it, (the version released in the OLDC) and had no problem.
It's like an invisible solid FOF, so I can thok against it.

I'm redownloading anyway. ^^


O well... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4799936/SRB2/Movies/Icantgothere.wmv

Besides, can you see the Skims up there? They're stuck on the ceiling :/



I discovered where the problem was: I was trying your map straight on SRB2DB, which was causing some glitches. I loaded up your map in SRB2 and there, it's fixed.
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Clockwork Grove Zone by me: N/A
To clarify, this is actually act 1 of this zone which is suppose to be easier than Act 2 which explains why it isn't as fun as TIZ (Twilight Isle) act 2. This is the second zone of my planned levelpack modification in the future.

Some of these new ideas and gimmicks I've been inspired by was the all-known, famous zelda...but mainly focused on Windwaker. The ideas include the baku-baba plant cannon thing from Forest Haven, and also the common enemies such as the chu-chu jellies, mindless gelationous creatures that attack anything... Also fairies. ^_^' Everything else just came originally from me.

I'd also like to say one more thing that has been bothering me. I never strive to make it too confusing at a point to where a player does not know where to go. I thought the next path would be obvious to be honest. I have a strange feeling where I think players get confued at. I'll probably add in some cameras next time I try to attempt a confusing puzzle in a free-open area to provide the player on where they need to go next. If that...will make anything better. :) Onward to reviews...

Splash Garden Zone Act 1 by Blade: 8/10
I had a feeling there would be a 2D map in this contest. :P Honestly dislike 2d mode because of slippery controls, but I think this map is pretty solid, and few concepts are executed really well. Except for that accursed side spring, but excluding that, this level is flawless. I just hate that those springs push you back to where you've just passed from, which kind of gets annoying after a while. The scenery is excellent! Palm trees there, waterfalls there...just marvelous. To sum things up, this is a pretty simple decent level... I just wish this was longer with more challenges.

Wood Asleep by Internet Explorer: 4/10
Meh... this level was exciting at the real beginning! A way of excuting the water to slowly rise and a time executor to bust the window at a real expected time, correct me if im wrong. But afterwards, this level slightly looked like a mess once you get into the open area with spreaded trees. There was nothing really interesting out in the open, except a few platforms. There are some things that were considered entirely unnecessary, like the graphics, hud, that river with a current leading you back to the beginning, and a few springs which lead you to nowhere except bark of a tree. Make more of this level just like the first part, and this level will have some cool action going on... The music was creepy btw.

Grassy Cliffs Zone by NeroTheArmadillo: 2/10
This level was fairly short, but nice. Nothing really to comment on...ummmm.... build onto this alot more with the kind of stuff you have at the beginning and you might want to add some challenges and gimmicks too.

Wonder Terrace Zone by BlazeFan: 5/10
This zone was kind of weird, but decent and average. I hated button hunting just to get to a the next designated area. And the teleporters were a bit choppy whenever you enter and exit an elemental area you search for a button in. What this level needs is something different... something like waterslides, or spring segments, new ideas and challenges and gimmicks. I liked that one area where you pushed the gargoyle onto the switch and the lava started to rise, and you add to ascend the area. See... that's a challenge and gimmick. You need more stuff like that, but with something of it's own. Something different.

Colassal Castle Zone by Katmint: 4/10
Ugh... I hated this song... The forest temple in Ocarina of Time... Though it's atmospheric, But whenever I hear this song, im just creeped out by it's weird melody. That didn't count against your rate by the way, I was only expressing my opinion about the music choice you used. This level is below average in my opinion. this Zone could have been a whole lot better, if there were different variations scenery and gimmicks, than repeating them. I never completed one puzzle btw. The Gargoyle item was just too confusing to see how it worked out. So I noclipped through the doors that you'd originally open somehow. There wasn't anything new with the platforming, that I remember from. Brak Eggman in the climax of the stage was a bit awkward. I could never hit him with one missile, because whenever he attains his standing frames, he immediately goes to shooting that sticky goo again. So after I kept dying with this boss, I noclipped skipped him too. Eggman at the end, was obviously custom, as he shoots the weapon rings. But this boss battle was pretty easy after you get him stuck in a wall, and collect rings after he'd hit you after his A_SkullAttack action. That was pretty much all I wanted to say about this level.

Windmill Hill Zone by Ultimate: 6/10
I was thinking about a 5/10 for this map because that I thought it was just average, but this was a little bit decent than what I've expected. I've played your Green Hill Rebirth wad, and just disliked it because of...let's say lack of effort that I thought was put in it. But I see your level designing has improved since then. I loved your windmills, especially the first one that sends you through the air, which made the level fun. This is another simple short level though. Um... I just can't figure out what else to say about this map...

Well, this contest was definetly better than the last one...at least the single player division. Hope I have helped everyone have a way to improve their maps.


Originally Posted by Mystic
You forgot to make the stage not reload on death, meaning if you die in any location, you have to do the entire section over again. This just makes the stage very tedious.

You can do that?
I put checkpoints at every possible location, since if I had put them inside the temples and you played the temples "out of order" it would set off checkpoints inside temples you had not yet entered.
But it sounds like you mean that its possible to make any completed parts of the stage stay completed, even if you die.

I didn't know that existed. If I had, I certainly would have included it.

Originally postedby Ezer.Arch
I discovered where the problem was: I was trying your map straight on SRB2DB, which was causing some glitches. I loaded up your map in SRB2 and there, it's fixed.

I opened the level in SRB2DB as well, and still experienced no problem.
So far you are the only one who has reported experiencing this. I don't really know why it happens but I'm glad you found a way around it.


Maybe out of retirement?
How the heck do you prevent camping from being attractive in your level? It's not even touched upon in Level Design 101. I used team rings exclusively in bases, I had multiple paths going into the flag rooms so that campers can be ambushed from multiple sides, and people still complain that you can camp. What could I have done to deter campers!?
Well, there's this thing I observed among SRB2 players. They either complain that a base can be camped to death or that it's indefensible. Therefore, I wouldn't take those comments too seriously. Some bases lend to camping, some don't, and that's totally fine as long as the level doesn't turn into a huge stalemate because of it (see that mediocre CTF level I once made for reference). I don't know why so many people have a problem with camping anyway. It's a legitimate and often successful tactic.

What you could do to remove the incentive of camping is to remove those bookcases that narrow the entrance to the flag room. It's pretty easy to hide behind those without anybody approaching from the front seeing you. But then again, this spot makes you a sitting duck for anybody coming from the upper path, so I assume that in the netgames where the complaints stem from, people didn't use this path often enough, at least not to go into the base. That's their fault then. Choose to your liking, I don't think you need to change that spot. It depends on what gameplay style you want your map to have. It's really not possible to satisfy everyone in CTF, as the low average scores for that gametype prove.


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I like how none mocks Blade for using the "medivo slope", but when glaber does... >.>
I'll give my review laturz.


I like how none mocks Blade for using the "medivo slope", but when glaber does... >.>
I'll give my review laturz.

I haven't played it so I might be wrong, but I'm assuming it's because he isn't going around acting like it's the second coming of Jesus.
A pessoal note: NEVER use crumbling plataforms on Race T_T
Yea, Live and Learn :P

Single Player (only):

Wonder Terrace:
I like the ideia, but... If you die, you have to restart Gimick all again, and its forced me to use Devmode...

Grassy Cliffs:
No Sectors in Map, soon I will test in SRB2 Doom builder

Wind Millhill:
Looks good, but have much Texture errors. and in the last plataform, if you spin, you can see a Missing Texture.

Clockwork Glove:
I really like it, but I get bored whin the confuse ways. Try make way more more obvius next time.

Its not complete for now, soon I will post the others


Randomly found avatar
Grassy Cliffs zone: 0/10 Needs to be mod with title screen: Hi and bye.
Clockwork Grove Zone: 8/10 This is amazing! Its full of great gimmicks that i never heard of. Only wierd thing is when you reach start point again you´ll get insta-killed.
Colassal Castle Zone:2/10 At last I´ve managed to complete this. Some puzzles were unclear and level was overally boring.
Splash Garden Zone Act 1: 7/10 This has to be one of the best 2D levels ever. Could be little bit more dificult.
Wood Asleep: 3/10 Started well, but after short path in some house or whatever is it, it starts to be BAD. I hated that area where were only trees and random exit point.
Wonder Terrace Zone: 10/10 WOW! I just loved this. Best SP OLDC level ever! (i decreased Splash Garden´s and Clockwork Grove´s scores because of this one)
Windmill Hill Zone: 4/10 Short, easy and ugly. There is no trap at all and it can be completed on 1 minute.

Cold Cavern: 3/10 How can you even call this match? That thing in center gives you so much points that fighting is completly worthless. For 5 minutes it can be fun but then it starts to bore you pretty fast.
Zoom Ship Zone: 1/10 Seriously, what the hell? I used Tails in this map and when i went outside, i was trapped there, because wind was too strong for him. Pretty nice - map which is unplayable for one character. Inside it wasnt much better. I really hated those like-floor-looking laser things, which trapped you inside them, when you fell in them.
Rush Flower Zone: 4/10 So best match map from contest is rush job? That´s pretty sad. It´s kinda dissapointing when KOTE announced some cool SP level and posted rush job.

Capture the Flag
Damp Campus Zone: 9/10 This one was pretty cool. Should be in Tortured Planet.
Cold Sea Zone: 2/10 Map was kinda empty and not very entertaining and it has one major problem. Its so bright it hurts! Spectrum was forced to skip this map after 5 minutes because of that.
Volcanic Shelter Zone: 5/10 Good level, but i think it should be match level.
Misty Mire Zone: 0/10 It looked as well as Damp Campus. It´s a pity that it doesn´t work.

Sparkling Abyss Zone: 2/10 Katmint´s bad joke no.4. What the hell´s up with those freefalls? At least its posible to complete. By the way, you should try to create one good map, instead of four bad ones.
Acid Valley Zone: 4/10 OK, but you shouldn´t put there acid. When I played against Majro i won just because he got szuck in zoom tube.
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The Tortured Planet guy
I like how none mocks Blade for using the "medivo slope", but when glaber does... >.>
Maybe because Blade's is better. It contours smoothly, looks attractive, and has more understandable physics. Not to mention that glaber gave the distinct impression that his own level was nothing more than a container for the slope gimmick, whereas Splash Garden makes very sparing and appropriate use of the thing.
Now, the complete list:

Single Player (only):

Wonder Terrace:
I like the ideia, but... If you die, you have to restart Gimick all again, and its forced me to use Devmode...

Grassy Cliffs:
No Sectors in Map, soon I will test in SRB2 Doom builder

Wind Millhill:
Looks good, but have much Texture errors. and in the last plataform, if you spin, you can see a Missing Texture.

Clockwork Glove:
I really like it, but I get bored whin the confuse ways. Try make way more more obvius next time.

Colossal Castle:
I dont like much Castles, but lets continue...
"run run run" I dont understand, why door dont opened?! "Go back and see the way"
"run run run" Yay, the Eggman Sign! Oh no, a trap!
"run run run" Oh no, its a edited Eggman, now he shot bounce rings and explosion rings! Oh wait, Explosions hit he too :D

Wood Asleep:
I like it, but really, thats a small level to you edit ALL the game =/

Splash Garden:
Its dawn good! But the Frame Rate slow down when you play, what is much frustant...
PS: Have a bug on Spring Soc, Player get stuck inside spring


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I think some people think Blade's one's better 'cause its more "slopey". May I remind you that glaber's level was a castle, and Blade's a field, so it changes how they look.


ArchPack 2.2 is out
Oh trust me, I will.
Can't wait. ^^

For everyone that can't play the map (specially you, Bbop800).

*meaningless pic*

Specially Bbop800 and everyone else.

Nero, first off, the maps submitted into OLDC are meant to be loaded up on SRB2, not in SRB2DoomBuilder. Some of us, specially level designers, ended up trying out the map by using SRB2DB for force of habit or just because it's easier.

Most of SRB2 players don't have SRB2DoomBuilder but all SRB2 players are allowed to vote on OLDC as long as they post their legit votes here. Therefore, SRB2DB is not required nor can it be demanded to try out a map. Or we'll be forced to distribute SRB2DB along with SRB2 just for sake of contests.

Ensuring that a map will work 100% on vanilla SRB2 is level designer's obligation, not player's obligation.
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Wood Asleep Zone by Internet Explorer, 4/10
Well the colormap looked good but some dark forest theme sucked to me.
And uh what's with the random red spring? At least it's playable.

Splash Garden by Blade, 9/10
Pure awesome man! The level design was great and these enemies were fitting in stage,
plus use of these side springs was good idea (Good work Prime). And I noticed something like Big Ring from Sonic 1, is it like teleport to Special Stage?

Grassy Cliffs by NeroTheArmadillo, 0/10
"Level has no sectors". God, are you serious??

Clockwork Grove by Thompson, 8/10
I kinda liked this one. It was awesome too, especially these gimmicks (I like stages with good and clever gimmicks). But, I didn't like these Jet Jaws at start. They're annoying. D:

Wonder Terrace by BlazeFan, 4/10
This wasn't the worst at all and looked good at first, but wasn't again that great.
Well but for your first OLDC entry (uh I think) that was pretty good.

Colossal Castle by Katmint, 3/10
"Fuck yea! Another castle! I think I'll like it!!". Then, "what the hell is with those stairs all the way...? UH OH Brak Eggman!" And then "I finally made it to end-o-level! Oh what the-". Socced Eggman, Great! But pretty bad was that he could be hit with his rings. --'
At all, not pretty good level.

Windmill Hill by Ultimate, 6/10
For first entry it was great! Windmills were detailed and level didn't spam the enemies, but one thing took you off the 7/10: Those falling bridges killed me once. Pretty cheap death. >.<


Cold Cavern by jloy1, 2/10
Actually I don't like KOTH maps and this was good only for Chaos, since the map was little. Plus, when playing this map everyone wanted to stand at centre, so that made mess. Complete mess...

Zoom Ship by Katmint, 1/10
Yea this just sucks... When I played the map nearly everyone replied: "This map is boring" or "I hate this map!". Let's got a point, about that pit with ERZMASH texturing, why the heck it was slippery? And the wind gimmick was annoying as hell. And lastly, the map is nearly unplayable without more people than 3, since it's huge maze-like level.

Rush Flower by KO.T.E, 4/10
"4 Hours Rush job AAAAA" Okay... Actually for being "Rush job" it is still best entry for Match division. It is at least a little opened and playable than Cold Cavern, and less annoying than Zoom Ship. Match maps aren't pretty good today..

Yeah, these entries were quite pathetic. Let's move on!


Damp Campus by Fawfulfan, 7/10
Who didn't see this coming? I like that map so much! It didn't lack detail and gameplay, at least for me, since I smacked Blue Team when it was 2 on 1 (I was that 1). Yes, these spots in flag room were good for camping, but it is in CTF strategy or not? :P

Cold Sea by Katmint, 4/10
"My eyes are bleeding!" That was the sentence I heard from (except one guy) entire server! What the heck is with that colormap? Plus, the map was little and flags was somehow with Sonic a little hard to get... Never mind but if you're playing alone vs Sonic and Tails players, then you're screwed.

Volcanic Shelter by Kuba11, 7/10
Wow, just wow... Actually I don't like volcano levels but this one is EPIC... But not that epic to has 10 from me. Well, don't lack detail and gameplay either. Just I don't know what was with these glasses under some lavafalls...

Misty Mire by Charbdizs, 5/10
The level looks pretty detailed, But lacks gameplay with Knuckles. And flag is spawning I don't know where! Since Knux lacks gameplay I'll tell you why: He can glide into opposing base without some problems but can't get with flag into his own base, since he has low jump. He can't from these pillars at base to that cliff, Since it's too high! He can do if he want without flag, because he can climb, but not with flag! The other way with jumping across pit is same example: It's too high! And there I finished.


Sparkling Abyss by Katmint, 3/10
Only few things: Rainbow colormaps screwed up, and as hell long pits leading to... somewhere? Man what is it supposed to be?

Acid Valley by Miles Knuckle Power, 4/10
"YAH! It's Insta kill??" "WTF?" Yesh! This is what everyone though about this map! Actually I was thinking that it is Insta killing acid. But the map is still bad, but at least better than that last...


FIN!! Finally...
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