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Tried this out and I have some issues with it:

1. The 'Get More Mods' feature is broken for me, as it crashes the app, after selecting a category. Please fix this.
2. As you stated, to get mods to show up otherwise... You have add them yourself. I would like to suggest allowing it to read out all the wads you have in your downloads folder, and then putting them in one 'undecided' category, until the user has moved them to another one(which should also be a feature).

Apart from that, it was fine, although I do have some suggestions:

1. Allow us to move the wad(s) around/edit them, in case we screwed something up.
2. If you do plan to expand this more than being a mod loader, please allow us with change our nickname, skin and colour in-game.
3. You could add tabs for hosting and joining servers. If you wanted to host, you could set the gamemode, title and everything, along with setting emeralds for match off/on, intermission timer.etc. If you wanted to join, the app could connect to the MS for you to select a server and join. (Maybe, if possible... you could make the app notify you when someone's hosting? Dunno, if that's possible or even allowed.)
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