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Yo everyone, first and foremost, I'm sorry about the 2 months of abscence, these months have been pretty rough, but enough of that, you can tell by activity of the now "ghost" thread, I haven't done nothing but work on stuff that is not related to SRB2, I eventually had to retreat of that cause of current laptop technical issues.

But while I wait for a so-needed maintainance trip for my laptop, I'll dedicate to work some more on my MD2's, probably not the new characters, I've had quite a stressful time trying to make them work in SRB2, until it gets one more buff on the MD2 limits.
I'll probably work on the Sonic R models, since I got a few models already set up to animate and export to directly play on SRB2, you may see updates in a few days, really that's all I can do right now.

For a hopefully reediming eyecandy, I'll base the animations on Sonic Mania's freshly new models! I couldn't have played a game as much as I did Sonic Mania, so, all I would have to say right now is.... Stay tuned!
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