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Thanks man! You don't know just how much frustration I had to go through to get this model done, but I'm really glad you liked it!

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Now deviating from the Sonic 06 topic...

Would you all like me to add a Side-Release? Like for example, finishing that Sonic R model I showed a few pages back?

I saw a lot of excitement over Sonic R Saturn models, and while I definetly won't do every Sonic R model RIGHT NOW (Sonic 06 Pack still in progress), I can release the Sonic R Sonic model with finished animations and super animations as a small release apart from the Sonic 06 Pack.

Just quote this message with your opinion on this "Side-Release" and I'll get working to it as soon as I can! (This Side-Release will put the 06 Shadow MD2 on pause, so I can put priority on Sonic R MD2).
As much as I would LOVE to get the Sonic R MD2s asap, I think it's better that you focus on one project at a time and release things in packs rather than scatter individual models in small side releases. Besides, STHE123O's Sonic '06 mod is coming soon, so continuing to work on the '06 stuff would coincide with that perfectly!

Having said that though, working on one singular project until it's done can get boring quickly, so if you ever feel like you need a break from '06 and that you'd be more productive working on new side-release material, then go for it! Whatever makes pushing quality content out the easiest is what you should go for.
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