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Hope you like the model, i salvaged as much of the texture's detail as I could, it happened the same as with Tails; the model exceeded the limits of Srb2, and I was forced to reduce the face count again, but this time, on a much more larger scale.
Miraculously, most of the most detailed parts were saved from being face-reduced, but unfortunatelly, the eyes and the red bangs on shadow's head were totally destroyed by the reduction.
I spent 1 full week re-working Shadow's entire head so it looked decently acceptable in terms of quality.
Hope you like the final result, cause this is as far as I can take this model on looking as best as possible.
This model is ready to be placed into Srb2 and play, I just need to make the animations.

EDIT: Woops, forgot to fix the right ear! Will be sure to fix that for the next screenshot lol.
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