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X-010 released. The last goodbye was too buggy, and I couldn't leave things like that.

// ~~~ Changelog ~~~
//  =    X-010    =

* First things first -- the codebase was reverted by about a thousand revisions,
	removing most of the weird broken stuff and putting most things in
	working order again.

* Rewrote a good chunk of the HUD code.  LOWSECONDS/LOWTICS are deprecated and
	unused now, however their definitions still remain to keep compatibility
	with 2.0.6.

	* The XMOD-specific HUD elements (Shards HUD, Boss health, Golf strokes
		and par) can now be modified through SOCs.

* The menu system is further revised and near-finalized.

	* All options appear on the Secrets menu, things that haven't been
		unlocked yet appear as grayed out question marks, however.

	* Bonus levels submenu removed.

	* Merged all the gametype specific menus into one larger menu to
		save space on the Server Options menu, so that...

	* The Internet Options menu and the Server options menu have been
		merged together.  The MS location option is now located
		in Game Options.

	* Multiplayer pause menu finalized.  Now contains the player setup menu
		as well.

		* Splitscreen mode shows Player Setup options for both players
			instead of showing the useless "Spectate", "Enter Game",
			or "Change Team" options.

* Added JTE's texture caching code to hopefully speed up level load times

* Experimental support for suspending a music change until the current song ends.
	Use "TUNES ## -suspend" in the console or EFFECT3 flag on a Music Change
	linedef to test.

	* You MUST be using FMOD for this to work, and you MUST use digital
		(mp3/ogg) music in order for the switch to actually happen,
		as determining the end of a module file is a sheer pain
		in the ass.

	* This option is completely experimental and still has a few bugs.
		It may not work 100% of the time.

* The game now uses a /real/ pseudo-random number generator in place of the
	previous list of numbers that was partially held over from Doom.

	* Due to this, demos from previous versions may be broken.

* Shards revision:  For the purposes of pointlimit, one point is one second
	of score.

* Bug fixes (that were actually my fault):

	* MODLISTNUM doesn't screw up and stick all levels under the same mod
		when you start the game with the -file parameter anymore.

	* Retry option doesn't crash in Golf mode.

	* Retry option doesn't take a life from a player who is already dead.


	* Temporary color changes work in OpenGL mode.
Note that the internal changes break demos, and I have not got the time to redo the staff times, so most of them are broken. Oh well.
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