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And here are my notes.
So, three levels have been "removed". It's unfair, it is too bureaucratic, they have worked hard on their wads. I will anyway write them down and give my opinion. I do not want to withdraw them from the competition.
Note : I have not read any post before. I don't want be attracted to some opinions. When I finished my post, I will look at other notes.
Another note, I'm pretty good mood ! The notes are well paid and high.

: overall assessment : Ok.
Confusion reigned over the world. A confusion of Level Design. Some levels have given me the urge to Alt + F4.
1-P is the mode I least liked.


Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan : 7 / 10
A basic way that I take a positive way. However, the level is a little narrow and a bit strange.
1) There was a relaxation, it is unfortunate, especially at the sectoral level, which affects many things.
2) I see more than this level in "Angel Island" as in "Green Hill / Flowers".
3) Effect of light pretty well. Even under water, is a marvel. I want it in all levels of world !
4) The texture isn't quite varied.
5) A very good thing is that the basis of SRB2 is respected. The tradition, if you prefer !

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power : 6 / 10
Well ! There is already a little better ! But we must continue to progress, I was nice for the note.
It's been a long time since I didn't do a "Emerald Hunter Mode".
Lost Chaos Citadel was the last.
1) I love this remix of Green Hill. What site did you find the music ?
2) It is a small level that can be playable fast ... like that for fun. It is classic, well ... classic, normal, it is simple and fast and can do normaly ... and spend a minute. Very good, very classic, it's normal, it's fast ...
I found myself playing your level 3 times in a row, I do not even know how !
3) One thing I'll gripe is the placement of some emeralds. You see the area where there is the red shield ? The texture to break is the same as the wall, I had trouble finding this place.
And of course, continues to work on L. Design !

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson : 7 / 10

Also known as the "Sonic's Nightmare Episode 7", it's a level that has enormous potential, but also a weakness ... very accessible.
1) Another remix of Icecap ! And I like the custom music. Strangely, I do not have this music in my Sonic music library ... you can give me the site where you found this music ?
2) Good thing you're trying to exploit the limits of SRB2, I really appreciate this thing. I mean, you try to pass through the square sectors "Tetris", but without much use the next-gen. ... You try to turn SRB2 in Sonic Adventure, in fact. It is not easy !
3) The traditions are respected (Ice Cap) (enemies penguin, falling snow, etc ...)
4) Sorry, but now you will have a bad time : I was ANGRY in your level. Barely arrived in the halls, even with Tails, I do not know where to go ! I searched everywhere, I tried everything ! The challenges should not be boring or ..uh...spend players in "angry mode" (bad English). They must simply be hard. When I say "boring" isn't good ... I go on small platforms. If I fall, I must go back for half an hour to return to these small platforms. This, I hate.
5) I authorize you to forget the basics of SRB2 to get through limitations. The next-gen mode in the old-school mode.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade : 9 / 10
Full of winks and other good things, it is also the first level of this competition that I tried.
1) The beauty of the level is exemplary. The textures are very well chosen. It is a paradise for the eyes. It is pure.
2) Next-gen mastered. Here, since your beach level (hum...Saphire Coast, I think it was called) you have proven that you can control it. The new features are very well adapted to this wad. I ran in the level as in a standard old-school level without being shocked by some new.
3) There is a confusion. By the third minute, I realized that I was at the beginning of the level. I do not know how I found this... short, little confusion.
4) The winks are primarily from Ice Cap (Sonic 3) and Diamond Dust (Sonic 3D Blast), is not it ?
Continue like this and your wads will never lose their potential.

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E : 8 / 10
Mix of forest and castle is a beautiful starry level. There are many assets, modifications and good ideas for gadgets.
1) One thing that many people have seen, the difficulty is very high. I lost three lives and I am touched at least 20 times during my test play. But we can take it positively, like me ! Even if it's hard for some time, I like strong challenge !
2) Crawl / Turtle combo ! If I want to Spin, the spines of the turtle hurt me. If I want to jump, the crawl military goes hurt me when I retouch the earth after my jump !
3) I'm starting to love the castle theme by your level.
4) CONFUSION ! I have not managed to finish the level. I stopped in the room with a wooden house with launchers and cannon balls !

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 : 7 / 10

For some time, I love your levels. I think Sunken Caves Riders is your best work. In this odd levels, I found myself doing big eyes by seeing the 1001 colors. Beginners, usually, create narrows levels Yours is close, but it is built in a strange way. I love this strange way, I can not explain it.
1) I spotted a realistic effect ! Some narrow passages made me think of a real volcanic excavation, I do not know why.
2) I was thinking about the fact, there was just no end. What a pity !

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome : 10/10
It's really too cruel that your level have been denied ! I just loved it !
... Because it is the following of Neo Canyon, so I can understand completely .... they use the maps 01, 02, 03.
1) The music is Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 or 2 (3D Blast Saturn), I think. I hope I am right. Anyway, it is well suited !
2) It is full of challenges. I was never bored !
3) There is this concept so natural ... the spaces are large and seem to exist. They may exist.
4) The aquatic ruin theme is very well respected. It is divided into three parts : the water ruins (purple), the "mountain", and ... the dark. These three parts are linked.
5) One of the best levels I've ever played. If I am the creator of SRB2, your level would be present in version 2.1.

It was a real pleasure to play this level.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal : 3 / 10
This is a level that looks pretty beginner. It does not matter, it gets better by practicing it in training. Training and make progress.
1) The beginning seem to me nice.
2) It's too basic, too "rock". You have to put more details, more personality, more ... more juice level. It must flow like pure water ! Seeing the big orange walls with water 100% deep blue, I saw the colors too powerful.
3) When I saw the flag against the wall, I thought: "Oh, It's a trap ! This flag will not turn !" eh ... and I was wrong. Your flag is just too misplaced.
It should be placed in the middle of the passage, and above all create a level longer !

CAPTURE THE FLAG : overall assessment : Awesome
The CTF had the highest levels this time !
The rules have been generally well implemented, the work was very serious !

Majestic Grove Zone by Scizor300 : 8 / 10
1) A very large part of this note is about the sectoral aspect of the level, which is extremely well done. There is an impression of "natural" and "sweet" at the same time, and my eyes are happy. Your theme is almost unbeatable, in my opinion.
2) However, the placement of objects should be reviewed. I found that only the scatter (or grenade. I can not remember ...) is easy to find. Other weapons are harder.
3) And the bases are too large and have no "exit" like the official CTF. The battlefield can have size you want, but the bases should be of medium size, about the size of the Lime Forest bases.

Mystical Heights Zone by Metal Fighter : 9 / 10
Well, I take it that view, maybe someone will start with something else :
1) The theme (waterfalls), the gray color, style "paradise" gives a funny feeling, half angelic. I take it very positively, it's wonderful.
2) Another good thing, the placement of weapons. That's fine.
3) Some small lags caused by the amount of detail, but it's not your fault.
4) The flag may be *slightly* hard to get because of the stairs. But however, after taking it out is very simple, the "exit way" is well done.

White Pass Zone by Kuba11 : 8 / 10
Evidence that the basic is pretty good..
1) The level design is divine ! I love the overall level ! I can not say much about it.
2) There aren't strong feelings. I mean, complexity. The level I looked a little too simple. Otherwise, it is well built.

Sylvan Shrines Zone by Spherallic : 9 / 10
Wow, what is beautiful ! I had a flashback of Cloud Palace.
1) The theme is simply amazing. It is so fresh and air, so "heaven", it is a vision of paradise.
2) The sector investment is strategic. I feel that you have analyzed the various passages that can be taked in different situations. You have created strategic passages.
3) The base is a little strange. A little confused.
4) The weapons are fairly placed.

MATCH : overall assessment : Average
One half is good, the other half is average.

Zzzz ... I'm tired, I do not really want to note.
The remarks will be less interesting, I'm sorry...

Ponies Suck Zone by Fawfulfan : 7 / 10
1) The first thing to do ... it's to notice if you want or not to send a message, and when I say that, I see the title and central levels that are against the ponies.
I do not know much about this message, even if it is not anti-social or something other, but it's better if you avoids this in your levels, ok ?
2) About the construction, the only flaw is the sky red. I did not understand why you put it.
3) The sectoral level is good, it reminded me of Noxious Factory, and the items were a good investment.

Flux Satellite Zone by 742mph : 4 / 10
I can not be too nice here.
1) About the theme, this base is small. Even a satellite is at least 40 times larger than that. But these transparent platforms are always nice.
2) Since this is a match, you could convert the red / blue CTF colors in black or white.
3) Objects are very difficult to achieve, and given the gravity and the size of the arena, fighting can be very confusing.
4) The rings are placed in a loathsome way.
Try something basic, like a style Greenflower next time.

Southern Sands Area by akb778 : 8 / 10
A small canyon nicely built.
1) The sectoral level is very good, even strategic, well, that's right !
2) I feel like I have seen some "hiding places" ... it's not bad when I must flee.
3) Slight issue about the placement of items, it must retouch them. Except for the grenade that you have placed like a skilled artist, in a great place.
For me, it's a kind of Meadow Match. It is good and rather strategically built.

Frozen Tundra Zone by Chaos Zero 64 : 5 / 10
.. Huh ? Chaos Zero by 64 ? It's really average, honestly. Maybe you did not have time because you was building SRB2Riders ...
1) The one small good thing, the ice tunnel in the middle of the level.
2) A small arena refers to too bad battles and items too close.
3) There are too many objects pannel.
I can not say much, it's a too simple level.

Aries City Zone by EternallyAries RedX : 7 / 10
Disqualified or not, for me, it does not matter, I give my impressions.
Yes, so ... it is a city that is in the same style as several cities in SRB2, as Tyrcity, for example.
1) There are lags, but we can't say this, just that SRB2 is not powerful enough to handle, it's not your fault.
2) The same style in all the cities of SRB2. There is another darker style, such as Drowned Downtown or the Metropolis KO.TE. I prefer the darker style ! (It's just my taste)
3) I think you have a good basis in terms of decor, after see this level. Now, train yourself more in the level design overall.
4) This is really important for me :
You have tried to reproduce, you've inspired, or mimics your city or another place, or you have built the standard "it looks to agree here" ?
I mean, you tried to copy parts of a real city where you live or you've built according to the level design ?

overall assessment : Ok
We have therefore a fight between a crystal cave and a mountain near the water.

Look the CTF spoiler.

It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try

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