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Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan - 6/10

For once, this old and overused theme felt like a breath of fresh air, you didn't overuse the crawlas, had a healthy amount of secrets for the player to find, and a moderate challenge, I really like this. A few segments of it were confusing to me, and I went around in circles a bit, but I eventually found my way. I didn't like that certain water was safe while the other wasn't, even with different textures to tip the player off, I think you should go with either one or the other. The ending was also a bit unfair with those small platforms combined with red crawlas, I suggest making them a bit larger if you intend on leaving the crawlas there.

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 3/10

I guess my assumption to use Knuckles was a good choice, because getting that last emerald required me to climb the wall. The level overall was very boring and bland, and the custom enemies (Did Senku give you permission to use his sprites?) harassed me as soon as I entered the level. If your going to require a certain character to complete the level, force the player to that character at the beginning.

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson -6/10

All of your levels frustrate me to no end. First of all, I shouldn't have to resort to a lower, not recommended resolution just to get rid of the frame rate issues that plague all the large rooms. Second, don't punish me for going in the water at the start, then expect me to traverse through it to get to the next segment, it's either one or the other, having both will only confuse and annoy the player. Now, your big rooms look great and all, but my frame rate matters more than how pretty it is, and when I have to spend a good 10 minutes in one area because I keep falling down only to annoying lag and poor enemy placement, I get pretty pissed, and I do all of this for a gargoyle! Lastly your puzzles could use a bit more indication on what the player needs to do, clips that show hints are fine, but in areas such as the icicle room require you to move under something that you can't even see (I had to turn chasecam off just to find those icicles...) It brings people close to rage-quitting the level due to the confusion. Try adding shadows or making areas darker than others to hint that there's something above you. (I noticed the rings and water droplets, try using more water droplets) Lastly, you don't need to tell me to hold forward, If I hear lava, I'm going to run in the direction the path leads me as fast as possible.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade - 9/10

That area with the moving snow was a bit hard to maneuver in with out using thok, make it a bit slower. Otherwise, I don't know what else to say here.

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E - 8/10

I really, really, liked this something about the forest theme always puts me in a good mood. The crawla tanks are pretty in accurate, and make too much noise, try using a visual cue instead of the spinner badnik's noise. Slow down the speed of the spinning maces in Knux's path, it makes putting the gargoyle in place a real pain. The level could stand to be a bit easier on Knuckles overall, actually. I thought the sound cue for the button was actually helpful instead of annoying, and your enemy placement was pretty good (Minus the Tanks). Lastly, you should remove the painful mud and replace it with safe, quicksand mud, it makes it a lot less punishing to the player when they fail that bouncy net area. (I also suggest removing the ceiling bouncy fof, that's just unfair)

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 (Disqualified)

I'm enjoyed what little there was here, but don't enter incomplete maps, there's no point to it.

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Me (Disqualified)

....Oh, I must have overlooked that rule before I submitted my map. I wanted to change it back to MAP01, but Doombuilder won't let me open the damn MAINCFG. I apologize for that.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal
- 4/10

This is a 20 second run from start to finish, it's hard to give this a good rating, since it's so short, but all I can really say is get rid of the seaweed for grass, there are other options that can be used.
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