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I don't believe the hype
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So, I've managed to try out voting on this OLDC even with knowing that more than half are joke maps...


~Single Player~
Outerspace Threat Zone, by Miles Knuckles Power
Rating: 1/10
Okay, firstly it should be Outer Space. After I added and tried the map... I was... sick...
What is the point for adding freaking UGLY SOC'd BOSS AT ALL??? Even in ugly and huge like THZ2 arena?? and Mystic, from what time are allowed boss maps in contests?

Lakeside Hill Zone, by Dails
Rating: 1/10
Wow, just wow... It was rush job for 100% man. like ending the stage in 22 seconds with BEING COWARDLY CAREFUL??? None of these two maps deserve the golden title! NONE!

Forst Rush Zon Zone, by Scizor300
Rating: 3/10
Hmm, I had really crazy match here (even knowing it was with bots, since I didn't find any good server) but it's because it's too damn small! And, there are too much panels too. Also, symmetry sucks.

Sandstorm Zone, by Dails
Rating: 2/10
"Rush maps AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Okay so, umm... *capital question* Where is the sandstorm? And even, what's up with the snow-like sand texture on the floor...? Why didn't you just use the regular one ... This why some people hates rush maps. At least KO.T.E's last one was good.

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12, by D00D64
Rating: 5/10
For the joke map, that was pretty awesome. And... Um.. (Aww, I'm losing words!) Well, spaceships weren't really "zeroefforted". And I'm losing interest in joke and rush maps now!

AccursedDonut.wad, by Charybdizs
Rating: 3/10
This is a joke map that is at least FUNNY! When entered I laughed pretty much, but that still doesn't deserve much points for being completely suckish.

Egg Hanger Zone, by KO.T.E/Spherallic
Rating: 6/10
It's pretty awesome in design and completely idiotic in layout. Probably all rooms looked just same, and I've just got lost, very lost. You could do something for knowing where are the rooms. At least they should not look completely same and the stage being a-mazing. By the way, what the hell is up with the annoying laser noise?

~Capture The Flag~
Frozen Destruction Zone, by Scizor300
Rating: 4/10
Well firstly, death pits was a stupid idea. I don't know why, but the BG was fitting like a black queen going for a walk with white king on chessboard. And even that I had to throw the flag with Knux to even capture it?

Angle Forest Zone, by Katmint
Rating: 1/10
"Whoa! We're going to try out Angle Forest!" I wonder how it will look." *10 minutes later* "AAAAA, where's the damn flag??"
Explains a lot. It's just TOO DAMN BIG

Mossy Mushroom Zone, by RedEchidna
Rating: 6/10
Still the best map in CTF contest. It looked nice and I especially liked the MHZ Mushroom-Bouce gimmick.

Lost Feelings Island Zone, by Internet Explorer
Rating: 9/10
"Whoa! It's looking Nice!!! ;_; But... Goddamn the music choice."
Yea, it's pretty awesome level! But the point down is the music and too long laps, but still pretty.

Burned Mystic Desert Zone, by Miles Knuckle Power
Rating: 3/10
This map is... Uh.... May I? Okay, it's horrid. It just didn't look like desert and... If the water or quicksand is damaging, why isn't the ground too? And I even did walk into the tube at the end. Also, Race maps this contest are unique! Both of them has three names!


Weeeee, Finish! Finally, I can rest! I've finished my duty. Now it's up to you to choose who will get a golden title.
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or maybe they simply walk at sucking

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