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Outerspace Threat Zone 0/10 Whatīs worse then stupid boss with annoying voice in horrid map?
Lakeside Hill Zone 1/10 Its really short and everything is completly random and ugly.

Forst Rush Zon Zone 1/10 What about putting some effort into this? I canīt imagine playing this with more then 2 other people. Also name sucks.
Sandstorm Zone 6/10 This one was actually fun. Only design needs to be better.
Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 7/10 Wow this is pretty awesome for rush job. You really have to create some normal map. Design of this map told me that creator was drunk.
AccursedDonut wad (Charyb on crack zone): 1/10 What the hell???
Egg Hanger Zone 9/10 What to say. Its awesome level only bad thing is that annoying sound.

Frozen Destruction Zone 6/10 I HATE death pits in CTF maps. But thats almost only flaw it was real fun.
Angle Forest Zone 0/10 Yay! Lets make map where capture takes 2 minutes when you play against one AFK guy. Maps design is horrible, its boring and that spring part is horribe too.
Mossy Mushroom Zone 8/10 Nice map. That death pit didnt have to be there.

Lost Feelings Island 8/10 Congrats IE, you got really much betterin mapping since ive seen your map last time. Keep up good work.
Burned Mystic Desert Zone 1/10 How could creator come up with so bad idea?. Why does red sand damage you? And why do everyone notice that only if the fall in? And why is that zoom tube? And why is that level so short?
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