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Forst Rush Zon Zone by Scizor300 - 1/10
I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but this is really quite bad. Symmetrical level with basically nothing in it, not even ammo spawns.

Sandstorm Zone by Dails - 3/10
There's nothing objectively WRONG with this stage, but it's just kinda dull. The whole thing is really open and it ends up being about circle-strafing around each other spamming weapons. It's a little like Desolate Twilight, just without the benefit of a cramped center tower to give it variety. Some areas that aren't completely open or some kind of gimmick would really help this stage.

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 by D00D64 - 6/10
You really need to make some stages that aren't pure rush jobs, as this is actually quite fun and would likely be really good with some refinement and testing. Parts of this really are kinda cramped, while others are a bit too open. I really like the usage of springs, but it might be a bit too harsh to have a pit on the outside edge for people to get railed into off of them.

AccursedDonut wad by Charybdizs - 1/10
This level has some cute gimmicks but does absolutely nothing else right. Try checking out level design 101 for some general ideas for layout. It's especially bad to have the entire level as one huge room.

Egg Hanger Zone by KO.T.E. and Spherallic - 8/10
This level is a ton of fun, but it has a few nasty quirks. It takes a bit to learn the layout of the level with all of the similar looking rooms, so it really would be a good idea to add some kind of distinct scenery into each room to help the player learn where everything is, kinda like how Thunder Citadel has the different rooms of the castle all looking different to help with navigation. Also, you really need to tone down the Bounce ammo in this level, as it's entirely possible to end up with massive amounts of it and the level is almost entirely enclosed, making it very strong to just spam it.

Capture the Flag:
Frozen Destruction Zone by Scizor300 - 3/10
Well first off, Knuckles needs to be able to capture the flag without throwing it onto higher platforms. Other than that, the base design is well thought out and interesting, while the space between the bases is really boring.

Angle Forest Zone by Katmint - 2/10
The main issue with this map is that it's simply WAY too far between the two bases, and there is no alternate path at all. A flag capture takes almost two minutes, and this is without having to fight to get it. Never mind how rage-inducing it is to get hit when you've almost made it. A lot of the territory in this map just needs to go. Also, the whole level just looks the same and very boring, and it's basically impossible to figure out where to go until you've memorized it.

Mossy Mushroom Zone by RedEchidna - 6/10
This was a surprisingly fun little level. The area where the flag is could use some serious work, perhaps making it a small cave in the side of the level, but the mushroom gimmick is well-done and the item placement isn't awful. Like all the other rush jobs, this could just use a lot of testing and refinement.

Lost Feelings Island by Internet Explorer - 7/10
This is quite a nice race map, with good gameplay and some very nice visuals, but I really dislike dying to falling in water, and the direction to go isn't quite clear in a few areas.

Burned Mystic Desert Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower - 3/10
Why does red sand hurt and red rocks not? Other than the break in logic, the level is just boring. Also, what is with the zoom tubes in race maps nowadays?
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