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hi is this an oldc i don't know how to contest

Single Player:
Lakeside Hill Zone by Dails
Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower


Forst Rush Zon Zone by Scizor300 - 4/10
It's symmetrical, but the map is small enough to where finding stuff isn't really an issue. It's too small, in fact. Consider making it bigger.

Sandstorm Zone by Dails - 3/10
The map as a whole is just flat and empty. One part that annoyed me was the sandfall, which I spent twenty seconds climbing up, only to hit the jump button early and thok away from the very place I was climbing to. The map should be broken up into rooms.

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 by D00D64 - 4/10
The combination of small platforms and high jumps makes it hard to stay out of the pit. The tall pillar in the middle is unnecessarily high, making you an easy target during your ascent. Give us some more space to move.

AccursedDonut wad by Charybdizs - 2/10
All jokes aside, this map isn't fun to play at all. The cherry soda, especially, is hard to get out of. Give us something to do when we hop off of the centerpiece of the map.

Egg Hanger Zone by KO.T.E. and Spherallic - 5/10
The map seemed a bit confined, as in everything wasn't balanced out to keep me moving around. The bounce ring was easy to spam and gave me a 300 point lead at the end of the round. Don't make it too hard to navigate the map.

Capture the Flag:

Frozen Destruction Zone by Scizor300 - 3/10
This map was boring, but playable. The flag was difficult to get to. Keep the control lag in mind next time.

Angel Forest Zone by Katmint - 1/10
Way too long. I couldn't get anywhere near the flag room before falling into a bottomless pit. Make something people want to play, please.

Mossy Mushroom Zone by RedEchidna - 20%/Cooler
Another entry into the "retrofit old unfinished crap into a CTF map" series which began with Heinous Hidehole. The mushrooms probably could've been done better, in hindsight. I should spend more than an hour on my maps.


Lost Feelings Island by Internet Explorer - 6/10
I really enjoyed the scenery in this level. The map is a bit on the flat side, though. A few more obstacles could benefit this map.

Burned Mystic Desert Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower - 1/10
The map was flat and boring. That zoom tube at the end disrupts the flow way too much. Try again.
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