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Man, tons of rush maps this time around. Well, lets see how this goes...


Forst Rush Zon COMPLETELY LAZY DESIGN Zone by Scizor300 - 2/10

Its a symmetrical field with random weapon placement and way too many powerups. Not much else to say.

Sandstorm SAND COVERED IN WHITE OUT Zone by Dails- 2/10

A mostly empty zone that is not actually in a sandstorm and has unusually high amounts of white. I also have no idea if there are any power-ups in it.

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 IIIIIIIIIIIN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE by D00D64 - Mine/THE BEST

THE BEST ZONE Okay, this was made because I thought KOTE wouldn't finish in time, forcing me to come up with a map to stop Brawl's efforts at winning. However, KOTE entered and Brawl did not. Oops. Also, this was a rushjob map, but done 3 days before competition.

AccursedDonut LEVEL ATE THE GOOD DESIGN Zone by Charybdizs - 3/10

A good idea with poor execution. The bottom of the pool is empty, and the top is too difficult to fight in. Though, with a little tinkering, this could have made a sweet (no pun intended) CTF map.

Egg Hanger NO IM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHATS GOING ON Zone by KO.T.E. and Spherallic - 4/10

A maze-like, insanely huge area with this annoying sound effect going off every 15 seconds and so many things going on that its hard to focus on the fighting, nor can you because all of the blues and the grays combined with the low lighting make it difficult to ever see or hit anyone. I couldn't tell you whats going on here, honestly. EDIT: Also, I've noticed that all of the gimmicks are cast along the side, rendering them as mere scenery objects, as if you were just creating them to look nice, put some weapons around it and forget about it. I mean, the hell was the point of the egg capsule, or the electric constantly descending pole with an arrow directing you to it, or the pistons or pretty much ANY of the other objects? Very few of them add to the experience, and not by much. Remove the scenery and you basically have a grid.


Frozen Destruction FIGURE 8 BOREDOM 500 Zone by Scizor300 - 2/10

A dull map with platforms Knux can't jump up when he has the flag. Least it isn't a spamfest like a certain OTHER map of yours...

Angle Forest 1 PLAYER BETA STAGE COPYPASTA'D Zone by Katmint - 1/10

A maze that is far too long for any good CTF match. Just.. Why? Why did you think that a long maze was a good idea for CTF? I honestly want to now, because I can't phathom how this is ever a good idea.

Mossy Mushroom I STILL SAY SWIFT SHROOMS SOUNDED COOLER Zone by RedEchidna - 4/10

I honestly couldn't remember much to say about this map; all I remember is that it wasn't good, nor super bad. But it really says something if I honestly can't remember the map despite playing a game there. Regardless, I did it again, and found I didn't miss much. Just a few hops to the flag, and its yours. Kinda flat and too easy to rail in. The mushrooms don't feel like they add much to the level either. Not terrible, just... not very good.


Lost Feelings IN TRANSLATION Island by Internet Explorer - 8/10

When I saw Wood Asleep last week, I was suprised at what you were capable of. Sure, the map was flat, but it had this great atmosphere, the beginning was actually pretty good on its own, and the darkening of the stage at the end was genuinely creepy. But now I'm getting offtopic, so let me just say that your map is as nice to look at as your others (like in Temporal Line), and the design itself isn't bad either. But really, whats with all the invisible walls? Also an arrow near that waterfall could have helped from not making me (as Knuckles) immediately dive into the invisible wall and wonder what the heck is happening. Otherwise, great job. I will definitely keep my eye on you.

Burned Mystic Desert BIG RED THOKFEST Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower - 1/10

Geez, this map is as flat as a 6 year old girl. And as red as a 6 year old girl bleeding to death. Also, why is this sand painful? Who the hell would think SAND is PAINFUL in a SANDY place, especially when its red like most of the walls? Geez. Also, why does this zoom tube go BOTH ways?


Lakeside Hill ACCIDENTAL ALPHA Zone by Dails - 1/10

If you can beat the stage in less than 10 seconds, there's a problem.

Outerspace Threat UNLIKE A BOSS Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower - 1/10

Okay, trying to aim that missile with precision so that its not only the right height you want but also going to go where Eggman is going to be is nigh impossible, and just unfun. It was easier just to hit Eggman with the Bouce Rings than it was the missile!

and now im done kthxbai

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