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Dang, just two single player levels?

Well, downloading and voting soon...

Lakeside Hill Zone by Dails: 1/10

I'm sorry, but what just happened here? The map is extremely tiny and looks like it was made in literally 10 minutes. Most of it isn't even reachable as Sonic. (Those platforms, whatever they were.) This has no excuse for offering so little.

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower: 2/10

Nothing here works at all. I'm serious. Nothing. Robotnik is just super overpowered and spams the living hell out of weapon rings. Since you most likely SOCed this yourself, I guess you deserve some credit for at least SOME effort. Hitting him with the missile is impossible, since Robotnik moves all the damn time, making this level nearly unbeatable. And why is it just a boss level in the first place? Probably would've given this a 3 if it came with a real level.

That was the most brief contest I've ever played (excluding the multiplayer maps, which were kinda meh), and I did it all in basically 10 minutes. Good game guys. *claps*
Not sure what to put here.

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