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Hello everyone. It's my turn. Watch out people, I'm coming thru!

Single Player Rotation

Outerspace Threat by Miles Knuckle Power: 4/10 - Mediocre

Well, I didn't enjoy playing your map. I entered the map annd suddenly an arena, with 4 rings and an untouchable Egg Mobile, that can only be beat by missiles that are thrown in a frequency that makes the player give up on defeating him. He also shoots player rings, so that's pretty annoying. The song fit... well... not well. Also, I waited more than just a boss map. That's why you get a 4.

Lakeside Hill by Dails: 2/10 - Awful

Long time no see, huh, Dails? But, hey, this is a joke or what? It's a CONTEST, and what you put here dishonored it. It's just a cute adventure field with a tree with springs to nowhere, wrong texturing, a totally unuseful lake, a bunch of crawlas glued to each other and guess what. The hill- oh wait there is no hill. Fail. You should get up from the laziness and start working hard. Make a LARGER map. Thank you.

Multiplayer Rotation


Forst Rush Zon Zone by Scizor300: 1/10 - Horrendous

First, the name of the stage is a damn typo. Scizor, I thought you could do better, sincerely. And why did you do such a cramped ma? It's not funny. It has no grace. It has no movement. It has no more than 5 FOFs. Better luck next time (if there is a next time).

Sandstorm Zone by Dails: 5/10 - Average

Hai Dails, you again! Oh, but look, you map has improved! It's nice anyway. But it need more variation. Less Super Ring Boxes and more Weapons. And I think there should be more vertical variation. The song is too much beatiful, but it doesn't fit. You get a 5 ;)

Zero Effort Flower Zone act 12 by D00D64: 8/10 - Great

Awesome rush job in space map. I was expecting something epic from you, but this is enough. The music wasn't chosen (IT WASN'T, YOU KNOW) and there is few space to players to move. Despite that, it's great.

AccursedDonut.wad by Charybdizs: 6/10 - Decent

Hey Charyb! Guess what: You've got advantage with me, because I love donuts. The problem is: I don't like laggy donuts! There was nothing underwater (or under that liquid I don't know the name of), and that was awful. Fruit-tella also counts. But your map deserves a chance. 6 is fine.

Egg Hanger by KOTE: 9/10 - Awesome

Well, this stage was awesome because of all its machinery and stuff. Just loved it. My cousin Kari also got impressed (and died because of the many threats around). What I didn't like here are the annoying sounds that happen from times to times. And why the spikeballs in there? I was waiting for interactive gimmicks. Anyway, good luck.

Capture the Flag

Frozen Destruction by Scizor300: 7/10 - Good

Well, Scizor, looks like this is your job. This map is organized, and the flag is protected. There are enough weapons and Risk x Reward is well applied. The problems are the spawners and the great amount of rings. You should have lowered the number of boxes. Nice map.

Angle Forest by Katmint: 0/10 - Unplayable

Katmint. Katmint. Katmint, you freaked me out. It's not a "hey I'm gonna get to your base first lalalala" kiddie race, it's a real contest to real Capture the Flag matches, and we need real challenges. Spring trails aren't a challenge for CTF such as labyrinths. And what hell of name is Angle Forest? Seriosuly, your maps are worse than Glaber's.

Mossy Mushrooms by RedEchidna: 4/10 - Mediocre

Mediocre map. Why? I know. It has well placed weapons and rings, but the bases are so close to each other that there's no fun. I could shot my cousin even without rail. So try to SEPARATE the bases, but not like Katmint, please.


Burned Mystic Desert Zone by Miles Knuckle Power: 2/10 - Awful

Well, try to make a level with more interactivity, less danger, more fun, more flow, less boredom. Your level is just a buncha long and wide hallways with red boiling quicksand and springs. And as the people of #srb2fun say, the Zoom Tube of Death. What kinda Zoom Tube needs spindash to enter? Please, try again later.

Lost Feelings Island by Internet Explorer: 8/10 - Great

Hai IE! Good to see you here again! You map is truly great. Waterslides, wind currents and all sorts of things. Everything is balanced. What I didn't like is that the map has no music and it's too laggy. Work harder and you're gonna make it harder to your opponents. You rocked.


I have to thank my cousin Kari the Fox, to test the Multiplayer maps with me. Good luck to everyone.
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<~Kim the Fox> I think he'd love to hear that personally.
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Aww, they love each other so much :D

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