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  1. Cyan Later!

    [Open Assets] Weblorex's Nostalgia Pack V1.2

    You can edit the matchingnum to a different value since it's reuseable, though the thought of having homing bombs instead of chickens on lon lon ranch is pretty funny.
  2. Cyan Later!

    [Open Assets] Bowler's Pack - Final Update

    You should maybe rework the final lap sound in Mushroom Kingdom since it apparently causes servers to crash at random, try doing it in lua instead like how the daytona usa announcer does it's check of if the player is on the final lap then the sound is played though it would also need a check so...
  3. Cyan Later!

    Daytona USA Announcer - Version 2.1 - Serverside Functionality Addition

    So after realizing that at the core this addon can cause some audio overlaps with some tracks such as MK64 Mario's Raceway, Sloppy Sludge and Euro Mountain, I put in a fix that allows the server owner/admin to turn on/off the functionality of the addon so that the overlap doesn't happen should...
  4. Cyan Later!

    Daytona USA Announcer

    Cyan Later! updated Daytona USA Announcer with a new update entry: Version 2.1 - Serverside Functionality Addition Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Cyan Later!

    MK64 Mario Raceway

    So something I've just been found out is that the objects used on the course have conflicts with Joker's GP Six Dragon Valley's objects, maybe make sure that their ID's aren't the same.
  6. Cyan Later!

    MK64 Mario Raceway

    How did you work in latiku like that, it's honestly crazy that it's done to make it even more authentic to the source.
  7. Cyan Later!

    [Open Assets] ChaosKart - Turn SRB2Kart into a Torturous Hellscape!

    Tried up the new events, they are definitely pretty fun and can't wait to see how people will react to them especially RandScale and Gliders.
  8. Cyan Later!

    N64 Promo Mario Trio

    It's pretty interesting comparing this to the MK64 char pack as while it mainly focuses on promo characters, it's really executed in such a neat way that they are bigger and have 8 direction turning. Recoloring Bowser though is so off putting not in a bad way, which makes sense as his skin tone...
  9. Cyan Later!

    Daytona USA Announcer

    Cyan Later! updated Daytona USA Announcer with a new update entry: Version 2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  10. Cyan Later!

    Daytona USA Announcer - Version 2

    So after some comments about putting it on servers and wondering on if it's possible to have clientside changes without desync fears, I've been able to figure out a means to let players pick and disable the announcer without issue of desync. Using a local variable called dusa_an and with 5...
  11. Cyan Later!

    Daytona USA Announcer

    Cyan Later! submitted a new resource: Daytona USA Announcer - Drivers start your engines! Read more about this resource...
  12. Cyan Later!

    Daytona USA Announcer V2.1

    Having been inspired by both the Sonic All Stars Racing and FZero GX announcers, I decided to try my hand on this with credit going out to DarkyBenji for making his mod reuseable found here, to bring the Daytona Announcer not only from the...
  13. Cyan Later!

    [Character] Pepsiman - The Running Hero

    So something to say about this character, really great guy being the running man he is and people like him on my server though there's some things to note that I want to get out there. So you have might have forgot to set his second boost quote proper and it's currently set to only use the...
  14. Cyan Later!

    [Character] Jewel's Character Pack [V6] (NEW: Squid Sisters + Rusty Rose)

    So something is wrong with V3 and that's Dark Pit not having any voice lines being played.
  15. Cyan Later!

    [Open Assets] Weblorex's Nostalgia Pack V1.2

    So loved the Zelda inspired tracks but sadly, I can't have it around anymore due to it crashing my server at first when it was lon lon ranch leading it to be soced but now it's happened to hyrule town as well. I really want to have this pack around but it's no fun when half of the maps can't be...
  16. Cyan Later!

    [Level Pack] Marsh Mayhem Pack [NEW MAP - MARBLE ZONE]

    So something wrong that has happened that someone from my server is mentioning to me is that players are having their games crash should they become squished under the pillars in Marble Zone and also think you can revert virtual stadium to the previous state without the moving pillars because to...
  17. Cyan Later!

    Patafoin's 3D model character _ Added Cinderace

    If you want to know where Eevee is located, it's here along with several others and Pikachu.
  18. Cyan Later!

    [Character] Link & Epona

    Gotta say when trying it out back before I made my server dedicated and discovered OpenGL, it was just so cool that it made me look into characters that raced in an alternate form of transportation. It really hurt when it was discovered that it didn't appear it OpenGL and now that I have it as...
  19. Cyan Later!

    TheOneGoofAli's Shenanigans Pack

    Gonna be honest with you TheOneGoofAli after having showcased classic windows then the pack itself, it's seriously great to have the generations of windows that I grew up with well except 95 in kart is just a real swell treat and hey, now Route Three-One has become their home track!
  20. Cyan Later!

    Monkey D. Luffy

    You might want to define your character's information as not the default since it can conflict with other custom characters that are currently set as default like rhythm thief but still, love one piece and maybe wishing that the rest of the straw hat crew can join in on the fun.