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ThatAzazelFire 04-19-2020 02:39 AM

Jenners ["Cheatso Saga"]
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Jenners is a Cyborg who is was an antagonist from her debut game, turned into a close friend in the game's sequel.

In kart she's quite slow and has a medium weight

-Original Voice Acting-
-Large Ponytails-
-Cyborg Arms-
-Interesting Two Toning-

I don't have much else to say. go download her and play!

-MeeMFromHH - Owns Jenners and Created the Cheatso Saga Games, as well as allowing me to make this project happen-
-Spekkie - Jenner's Voice Actor-
-Me - because i sprited this-

-you don't have to but you should check out the games she is from, the art may be a lil simple, but the characters have great voices and lovable personalities!-

Prime 2.0 04-19-2020 03:45 AM

Welcome to Releases!

The gloat sound, while unique from the rest, does not seem to have a notably different reverb from them so somebody unfamiliar with this release may have difficulty identifying it as the strong powerup sound. You may want to give that one some more "oomph".

ThatAzazelFire 04-19-2020 04:24 AM

mmm i see.

i would do that. but i have to go through MeeM to get to Jenner's VA. and the VA has already done all their required lines for MeeM's next game. so it wouldn't be very convenient

MeeMFromHH 04-20-2020 07:33 PM

Hello, this is MeeMFromHH, the creator and owner of the character you see above.

I'm sorry the lines didn't turn out that great, the VA of the character doesn't have too much experience with voice acting, only the two games I made where the character appears. And also we had to do this during night time, which is why her lines sound a bit quiet. I do hope you enjoy the character, though. (And if not asking for much, check out my games linked above, which is where she makes her debut)

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