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Chuckles troll 07-14-2020 06:47 AM

Chuckles's skin colors
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Hello here some skin colors that I made some of them might be similar to others
Spoiler: list colors
  1. Super Gold (old yellow)
  2. Tooth Cyan
  3. SilverGreen (yes weird name)
  4. Pea Soup
  5. Wilmington tan
  6. Peach clone
  7. EW
  8. Thunder (kart)
  9. Pharaoh
  10. HueShifted Yellow

thanks to Switchkaze to tell me what name should I use for Pharaoh
thanks to Frostiikin to tell me what name should I use for Pea soup
and thank you to stop here and check my skin color hope you like it and I accept suggestion for names or colors

D00D64 07-16-2020 01:02 PM

Welcome to releases!

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