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    Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer)

    babe wake up new light dasher character release
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    Chaos Mode

    I think the only way thus far is to create an empty multiplayer lobby with it selected as the primary mode
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    Looking absolutely baller my dude Cant wait for more updates on this gem
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    Blue Hill

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    N64 Mario

    He is several parallel universes ahead of us
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    N64 Mario

    I absolutely adore this, easy 9/10 here Here's a really funny bug w/ Xmomentum that turns Mario into Speedrunner Mario if you so much as touch any kind of spring and press jump
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    Super Sonic

    This is a pretty cool concept (Im a sucker for S3&K) but given Super Sonic is technically already in SRB2 I think something along the lines of "Doomsday Sonic" or "Doomsday Super Sonic" would be a lot more of a fitting name for this wad in particular
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    Wondering the same thing I genuinely like the map pack but got stuck on Rasputin for like 20 minutes and eventually skipped
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    I recall playing one of these levels in an ODLC a while back, neat Looks good, can't wait to give its a shot
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    Sonic But Funni! (under renovation)

    Im not trying to Im just generally asking, like why But I may as well leave some actual criticism, which I should have done to start instead of jumping to "why tho" Its playable certainly for a first mod, definitely needs some fine tuning but overall it works. The "sonic but bad" style meme...
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    Sonic But Funni! (under renovation)

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    Angel Island Tour

    Dw about it, in general its still a pretty good little set of maps (Like Sol Sestania, I can't tell you how many times Ive played that and just explored the city) and that's understandable, when I hear sped up audio I'm just used to it being some sort of error lol
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    Angel Island Tour

    Hey, really nice little set of maps. You put a lot of personality and effort into making your maps really unique and I dig it. Looking forward for the eventual additions to it. Few things though I've noticed that could be patched up a little bit: -The title screen image is off-centered from...
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    Custom Plushie Mod

    I cant believe they turned srb2 into marketable plushies!!!
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    [Reusable] S-19 Space Station

    Try OpenGL, seems to work properly on that, at least from what I've tested out so far