Windows the Computer

Windows the Computer Firewall Unblock (1.6a) - HotfixXP

The idea is dumb.
But you can forget about this as the mod in so good.

I'll waiting android the mobile
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Love this mod for a couple of reasons;

- The DirectX Boost is very satisfying to use, and allows for snappy maneuverability along with a very useful double jump and stomp

- The attention to detail with the character as a whole, along with the highly detailed changelog

- The "Welcome To a New Era" color makes me feel warm and fuzzy

Overall this character is a great example of how SRB2 modding can accomplish a different playstyle while still being able to be picked up easily. I'm definitely biased towards the early windows theming as I adore the look.

The only flaw with the character I had was the DirectX boost bug, but that seems to be fixed as of this version.

10/10 Would add to server again
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My only complaint is that there's no link to the tool you used to make the custom Act titlecards.
Making the actual "image" was done in Paint.NET. If you mean actually showing the custom graphic, it's a simple HUD hook with Lua.
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Hey Ali! It's Vanilla from Discord, great job on this. Super cool!
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Oh s**t can't read C: Drive (of the Windows Error Remix) that's cool the mod
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Installing DirectX!
(This mod is super funny and I love it)
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This is a very creative and fun to play mod, I love the abilities and the super form.
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this add-on is great, i still use a windows 7 pc and this is funny
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Finally, I can play as Windows.
My dreams have become true!
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Welcome to releases!
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