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How are ya, how are ya, how are ya!? It’s me, your old friend and humble salesman extraordinaire, Wes Weasely!

It’s been a while since the world has heard from me. You see, the suckers— er, ahem, esteemed customers, here on Mobius just aren’t biting like they used to. That’s when I heard that there’s a lot of money to be made in the competitive go-karting scene. So, I thought I’d throw my own inexplicably-floating hat into the ring! Don’t worry, I even brought my own go-kart (Good thing I used to be in the used go-kart racket!), and as a former H.D.S.V.A.D.L. representative, I know how to handle myself around deadly weapons and explosives!


My preferred color is Rosewood, and I have a Speed of 5 with a Weight of 6: not the heaviest guy out there, but I can throw my weight around when I need to!

Any way you cut it, I’m a one-time purchase you won’t regret! Just need to add the new download to your bill… and you’re all set!

See you on the track, palsies!
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the fact you described the mod like Wes Weasley was advertising it himself is all I needed to hear, Outstanding.
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