(V4.4 UPDATE) {SOUND WARNING} Tails Dolls' Forest V4.4

(V4.4 UPDATE) {SOUND WARNING} Tails Dolls' Forest V4.4 4.4

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ADVISORY WARNING: Includes blood and gruesome depictions of characters! May also cause Seizures!

V4.4 is here with a new hangout map, and added some more stuff in other maps.

Finished new hangout map, has a teaser for a new map.

Please tell me about bugs in the map by messaging me in the discussions Tab, Or by texting me in discord at Dylan S.#5568. Enjoy! There is also an official discord server for Tails Dolls' Forest! Feel free to join!

Tails Dolls' Discord Server: https://discord.gg/gheGnYQwZ9

Recommended Setup:
OpenGL - Doesn't Matter
Shaders - Doesn't Matter
3D models - Doesn't Matter
First Person - ON

All Credit belongs to Spinsnazo
Ported by Dylan (Dylan S.#5568)
Coding, Bug Fixes, and Help By RedBlueSpector (Retired)
Coding, and help From Amperbee, DylanDude, Monster Iestyn, Othius, Voidy2246
Beta tested by Dusk The Gymnure, That There Vincent, and many other people when hosting. Thank you :)
Dylan Sahr
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Latest updates

  1. (V4.4 UPDATE) {SOUND WARNING} Tails Dolls' Forest V4.4

    Released V4.4
  2. (V4.3.2 UPDATE) {SOUND WARNING} Tails Dolls' Forest V4.3.2

    Remade the skybox in the School hangout map, fixed a few other things. Last update until V4.4
  3. (V4.3.1 ANNIVERSARY PATCH UPDATE) {SOUND WARNING} Tails Dolls' Forest V4.3.1

    Fixed things

Latest reviews

It's The Best Map In The World I Want More Horror Maps I Love Part 1 and 2
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Absolutely amazing, you literally put this on my birthday thank you 🧡 also FINALLY we spawn at the campsite! been a while i thought after we go to the campsite some mysterious creature puts you there in the forest, anyway thank you again!
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The Addon seems to be pretty awesome but the sad thing is that i can't get thru Act 2.
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If I'm being honest I LOVE how how it got a huge improvement. You can actually move freely instead of hitting walls every second. Also the fact it's not really dark anymore and while I did love when it was dark I did want to know where I was going. It added more things other than it being a lot bigger, I love this addon!!
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Kinda fun and different, although pretty short. All in all 3/5 good.
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Act 3 is here? FINALY!
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A great game overall, but a few issues:
1. It's way too dark, maybe try making the forest a little lighter!
2. Please just use Tails Doll, those bombs are annoying!
3. The player should be active, instead of just running from threats. Maybe add puzzles and clues to find the exit.
4. It feels like we are in an endless maze. Maybe shorten the map a bit.
Overall, the game is great, but it can use a little bit of work to make it exciting.
Upvote 3
First this maps way too dark, I know its a horror game but half the time am bumping into walls in the vain hope I find something remotely interesting

Second yeah I was scared of Tails Doll the first time but every time after that it just became annoying, He doesn't even kill you he just makes you drop your rings which makes it way less scary

All in all a pretty alright map but could use some improvement.
Upvote 1
not gonna lie. never before have i seen an SRB2 horror map pack (PSSST sonic robo blast dream emulator doesn't count...)
its really good, keep up the good work.
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It's okay honestly. I like what it was going for, and I haven't seen many horror maps on here. But it could have made better. The "horror" of it only lasts like, 1 minute before you realize what you're in for. Tails Doll (or should I say Tails Dolls) is just generally annoying in every aspect! The sound he makes is supposed to be scary, but then he gets stuck on a tree or something, and it repeats the dumb sound 2,000,000 times! You can't escape them either. It's a cool panicking chase for a while before you hit a tree, and are forced to let him spank you. So now, you need to use the 1 ring you have to live. You can't hit Tails Doll, and the light doesn't repel him, so you just take damage. You can hide in the house, but you'll just delay the inevitable. The story and narrative are great tho. A great plot twist as the Toads from Mario are working with Dr. Robotnik to make Tails Doll clones to terrorize The Forest! Just amazing. And the boss is remapped to be harder, which I kinda like. I think the horror could have been done better, and Tails Doll shouldn't have been reskinned over those annoying bots that jump you in Techno Hill Act 2. If it says that way, then you should modify them so you can escape. But I still like the elements of it, and ambient's does great for a while before, you know.
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