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Ever thought the thok was too simple? No? Too bad. Now it’s not. Here’s the power thok.

-How to use the power thok-

Press jump twice near an enemy to home onto it.

Press jump twice With no enemies near to jumpthok.

You can homing thok after a jump thok!

This only took like an hour to make so use it for whatever you want.

Tip: Pair the power thok with multiability to have a homing multithok!
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I thought that this had a discussion, oh well. Am just gonna ask about this. 1. I don't know why this is just overpowered, since the thok is already by now op (kinda overpowed actually) and we don't need this to make it harder to play. 2. You also just stole a code and did not credit them at all, Literally you are supposed to have credit them. So that way you can have no worries about it, also, somehow, there isn't even your own original content to make it be on here. And 3. Thok enjoyers might not have fun with this if they wanna play this, It can be hard to control when doing it at first. I would highly sugget making a improvement if you want to make it better, am only just saying that I just think your doing the wrong way. Atleast you are trying, but people in the community won't even do this sort of addon. Atleast just make it like a improvement, for now. Am just keeping what am rating of, I also highly sugget going for lua (not srb2's wiki, it's more a not start beginner. Maybe kinda, don't know.) to know what it is. Still, people might not go for it anyway. Atleast you try, that's a good thing to get started off. I rather sugget giving credit to buggiethebug (since buggie made this) and it's one of the best examples of using it (maybe not I don't know), lucky if you understand, then am glad that you did, if not. It's alright, it's a long sentence because I want to say this anyway. But keep doing you, atleast.
i made every line of that code.
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As a Thok enjoyer, I say this literally NOT a thok but it's more a overpowered homing attack/Generations air-dash and shouldn't go the Thok name tbh

Also, this genuinely makes the thok unfunny to play with (mechanically wise) because being easily to go 50ft in the air because I homing-attacked two enemies just makes it broken/OP and goes against the original purpose of the move of gaining speed and mastering it instead of a simple OP homing attack.

But I have an idea to make it better, how about adding a charge-like ability to it, like the thok automatically builds up with a meter by successful keeping your speed with it and when the meter is full, you can perform the power thok which you be able to it's abilities but you still have to maintain your speed in order to keep doing the power thok, this way, it will encourage mastering the main thok ability and rewards you with power thok if you pull it off successfully, it's win-win situation.
so you basically want me to make it like junio sonic’s bullet dash?
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Perfect,i'm gonna use it yo make My first character,am....... ¿How do I change which skin the ability is applied to?
in the lua script, you should see sonic in inverted commas. That’s who you want to thok. make sure your character’s ability is a thok aswell.
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