The Epic Hand Pack!!

[Reusable] The Epic Hand Pack!! v4.7

I really like how the characters feel and move. I also love how they are just hands moving and schmoving. I'm looking forward to future mods.
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e p i c h a n d p a c k
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Yeah! This mod is just funny! Meme like. I don't think the others get that this is a joke or, what ever you think. Take the five stars to buy a 50 mcdoubles. Jk have fun!
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Seriously, this mod is very poorly done.
I know it took you 2 days to make it, but dude, at least put more details in it, I don't know but I feel like this can be better but not like this.
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what.. just no
it doesn't
all these 5 star reviews are just meme reviews made for stupid reasons
it's like the cuphead mod but worse because i don't feel like there's any character design it's just flat out like you spun the wheel and picked whatever ability it landed on
i know this is your first character but man i just don't like this
just no
literally just no
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This update is everything I could want. I even got bitches so ima give it a 10/10
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This is srb2 mods at its peak...
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i love this mod, this is absolute perfection, this is the best mod out of all, i never realized how much other mods sucked before this, this is perfect, perfection, i appreciate the existence of this character
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best character eva
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