The Epic Hand Pack!!

[Reusable] The Epic Hand Pack!! v4.7

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This is my 1st ever character! :knuxsmug: (now into a pack, and also chaos emerald reskins.)
(Also, if you don't like this character, don't like it. Even if you are serious.)
I made this with effort, I chose double jump for better height, this took 2 days to finish.
(I respect your opinion of hating this, and these 2 characters altogether took more than 2 days to finish.)
I try to put effort in this, but I AM NOT AN SRB2 ARTIST OK????
For all those who rated this one star: Its hard to make a srb2 mod, and its also hard to make sprites ok?

epic epic.png

Dummy Hand:
Ball Curl: Press Spin to get a small jump and you can hit anything!
Dash Mode: Run for some time and you flash and get faster!
STOMP: Stomp your enemies mid-air!

(Psst... Dummy Hand was made in 2 days)

backup thing.png

Dark Dummy Hand:
Air Drill: Use your jetpack and BE A DRILL!!!
Spindash: Press shift and you spin!!
Dash Mode: Its just like Dummy Hand, run for some time and you flash and get faster!


Dimwit Hand:
Jump Thok: Press jump 2 times to have a small boost of jump!!
Tallness: your taller than the other hands.
Chicken Nugget Throw: Press Spin to throw a chicken nugget!


Little Guy:
Bone Break: Break your bones by hitting space or whatever the jump button is (hold the jump button btw)
thats all little guy's abilities

Thanks "Flyster The Fox" for helping with the PK3!!! (and also creating the dimwit hand standing sprites :P)

enjoy! (if you want to enjoy it)
oh, and good luck in deep sea zone with dummy hand, you will need it.
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Latest reviews

I really like how the characters feel and move. I also love how they are just hands moving and schmoving. I'm looking forward to future mods.
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e p i c h a n d p a c k
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Yeah! This mod is just funny! Meme like. I don't think the others get that this is a joke or, what ever you think. Take the five stars to buy a 50 mcdoubles. Jk have fun!
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Seriously, this mod is very poorly done.
I know it took you 2 days to make it, but dude, at least put more details in it, I don't know but I feel like this can be better but not like this.
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what.. just no
it doesn't
all these 5 star reviews are just meme reviews made for stupid reasons
it's like the cuphead mod but worse because i don't feel like there's any character design it's just flat out like you spun the wheel and picked whatever ability it landed on
i know this is your first character but man i just don't like this
just no
literally just no
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This update is everything I could want. I even got bitches so ima give it a 10/10
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This is srb2 mods at its peak...
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i love this mod, this is absolute perfection, this is the best mod out of all, i never realized how much other mods sucked before this, this is perfect, perfection, i appreciate the existence of this character
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best character eva
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