Taz the Tasmanian Devil

Taz the Tasmanian Devil v3.4/3.7

Fixed the zoomtube thing
Now its finished for real, that's why I named this v2, (let's forget how bad was at release)
Now Taz loses dash mode when: on a minecart, a ropehang, a rollball and on the tube space thing

Taz Mode new sprites replacing Fang and Metal Sonic (not the race)
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Changed acceleration from 40 to 36
Accelstart from 100 to 96
That made him a bit underwhelming, also now is more challening to play
I should changed this before :/

Now I REALLY think he's finished

Taz mode: now Marvin has no lasers on castle eggman zone
Capped air speed on dash mode so Taz can't get that crazy speed on the air, it makes more sense this way
I think Taz it's finished for now
Reverted the nerfs and added the faceplant sprite for crossmomentum
I feel Taz improved a lot and it's pretty good now, here is the list of important changes since v1:

Jump increased
Faster run speed (no change on air speed/dash mode)
Now Taz can enter dash mode by taping spin and exit or prevent it by taping/holding one of the explained buttons
Can bust strong walls on dash mode and spinning
Coyote time
No air walk
No run on water
Fixed skid animation + new sprites
Fixed walk/run animations
Taz now can enter dash mode by taping spin while running
No more run on water
Taz Wanted signs
Other minor changes