SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff!

SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff! 1.10.3

More emergency patching!

  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes possible to heal dead players without reviving them, causing them to be impossible to revive
  • Fixed a leftover debug print when learning Photon Arts & Techniques
  • Added more validity checks to some enemies

Sorry for the machinegun patching in hopes that you haven't had to cope with too bad a gaming experience.
As it turns out, no amount of testing in a closed group was going to prepare me for 10+ players servers doing some insane stuff I never accounted for!
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Well that didn't last long...

  • Attempted to improve on the synch issues for mid-game joins
  • Fixed a bug where Swords, Double Saber and Sabers could get stuck forever using certain actions.
  • Fixed a bug where status conditions wouldn't be cleansed if the map was forcefully changed
  • The game will no longer attempt to load save files from players that don't exist anymore.
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Well no release ever happens without hiccups, my bad, so here's an emergency patch to fix the current glaring issues

  • Fixed missing properties of mid-quest joiners preventing unlocking the next quest upon completion
  • Adressed an issue when multiple people would try joining simultaneously, the login system now waits for the current player to be fully logged in to proceed onto the next player
  • Fixed an issue where players with long names would have chat boxes much bigger than intended

Thank you for bearing with the issues up until now, I'll hold off on patches for a day or so to fix remaining glaring issues as they get reported unless more game breaking issues like the mid-quest joining bug occur.
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