SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff!

SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff! 1.10.3

  • Fixes another issue related to load order where it was impossible to change inputs mapping.

I sincierely apologize for the amount of emergency updates this has been getting lately, things just don't seem to be working out whatsoever with this...
Looking to take a break as soon as this thing ends up being stable as it's been two weeks of near daily patches due to issues that literally made the game unplayable in some form
Fixes the PA menu under status being completely botched, too.
That's right!
Nothing else to add, I'm tired :dramahog:

  • Fixes Pop Hat not loading properly, also making a handful of items unobtainable.
Here's another round of fixes & updates.

  • Added proper support for first-person mode. The weapon will now properly stay in front of you and you are also able to aim ranged weapons up and down if mouselook is activated!
  • Added Elemental affinities to every enemy attack which were previously mostly neutral save for some projectiles.
    • This makes Frames' elements a lot more useful as they can allow you to take up to -24% damage from bosses that are giving you trouble!
  • Changed the way Photon Arts are saved to allow for Custom Photon Art support (and it also makes it easier for me to add new PAs and Techniques later down the line)!
    • Saves will automatically be converted and updated with no action necessary.
  • Added Star Atomizers and Moon Atomizers to the shop lineup when the player reaches Lv20
  • Added Rescue Gun to the shop lineup, a weapon that costs 0 Meseta and prevents softlock situations.
  • The Shop/Storehouse now actively display whether you're buying/selling and storing/withdrawing to prevent confusion.
  • The shop now uses thin font as it would otherwise frequently have overlapping text because of prices.
  • Sword PA Extend Cutter:
    • Potency: 800% -> 650%
    • Start and end lag reduced by 0.5s
  • Double Saber Normals:
    • Normal 2 PP recovery increased from 2, 2 to 5, 5 to be consistent with Normal 1
  • Resta:
    • Potency: 40% -> 50%
    • PP Cost: 80 -> 50
    • Cast time: 1.5s -> 1.0s
  • Shifta/Deband:
    • PP Cost: 40 -> 30

  • Fixed a bug where consumables (Mates, Atomizers...) couldn't be dropped from the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where the server identifier generated by dedicated servers would generally be the exact same everytime.
  • Fixed a bug in netgames where it was possible to move when menus were opened or while you were incapacitated by switching skins.
  • Fixed an oversight where chat messages would not be logged into a dedicated server's console
  • Fixed an oversight with load order that caused equipped items to awkwardly shifted when pressing directional inputs inside menus
  • Fixed the "Divide by zero" error that occured when taking damage in 1st person mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the low PP notification sound would play continuously if you were holding a PA key while your PP was too low for it to be used
  • Cool!
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1.8 had to be rushed out to fix a game breaking bug, so here hopefully we can have a patch with some actual substance...!

  • It is now possible to hold Attack buttons to perform their associated PAs as soon as possible. Since there are no Just Attacks, it kind of turned the game into a button masher which isn't really healthy for your hands now is it.
  • Added a new menu under the "Social" menu to pass Leader to another player if you are leader, or take it by force if you are a server owner or administrator. This works in regular and dedicated servers alike. Courtesy of Sal
  • Maximum amount of Symbol Arts increased from 8 to 16
  • Added a global sound effect when Keycards spawn to make it easier to tell
  • Added a sound effect for using Keycard readers
  • Added a sound effect when the targetting reticle appears on an object or enemy

  • Fixed an oversight in Room enemy handling that has been responsible for a large amount of mid-quest joiner desynching issues (Thanks Sal for pointing it out!)
  • Fixed an oversight in the login system that used non-net safe RNG calls which would cause minor resynchs (Thanks Sal *again* for pointing it out!)
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed players to perform actions mid-login process such as opening menus and using PAs, which could cause issues after the login process ended.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed players to skip enemy encounters in Mission 3-1
  • Fixed an oversight where PP would regenerate while using Techniques even without Force's "Cast PP Well Up" Skill
  • Fixed a bug where some projectiles would get stuck on walls which could create a heavy amount of lag.
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy spawn effect could push players using Jump Pads off-course and get them stuck. (This is what's been happening to players in the Viper boss fight!)
  • Fixed a bug where the Technique "Razonde" would move if it spawned mid-air.
  • Fixed an oversight where the unit "Rookie/ Breath" couldn't drop from Hard mode as originally intended.
  • Fixed a bug with the Type Extension menu in the Type Counter where one could perform frame perfect inputs to get the menu in an unintended state.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would incorrectly make a copy of the last valid Symbol Art loaded if you tried to load more than was allowed.
  • Cool!
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Seems like the changes to unknown items for modding support had one tiny side effect of breaking units due to a typo, oops! The curse of odd version numbers, something like that.

  • Fixes Units being unequippable as a result of recent changes.
Patch 1.7 is now out.
Alongside that, I also have some decent news!

The modding documentation is now available!
And there's also a Discord server to go along, whether you just want to chill & play or make some mods

Anyway, right, the patch notes...

  • Natural PP regeneration is no longer halted when using actions that cost no PP such as Sword normal attacks. This greatly helps Ranger and Force to recover PP faster by opting to keep melee weapons around.
  • Better handling of invalid items for mod support. This is not foolproof and there may still be errors in relation to trying to reload saves with items from a mod without loading said mod.
  • Fixed a major bug where input mappings and minimap settings would occasionally be forgotten.
  • Adressed a major bug where dedicated server party leaders would get desynchronized due to invalid player references. (Thank you Sal!)
  • Fixed an oversight in 3-3 where one of the Laser Fences could be bypassed.
  • Fixed a bug where waiting after turning in a quest would count towards the AFK timer in dedicated servers.
  • Fixed an oversight where Armour elemental values did not actually reduce elemental damage taken by players.
  • Fixed a strange bug where enemy projectiles would sometimes go through walls and other solid objects just to spite you.
  • Once again adressed the issue where getting hit during jump pads may cause players to get stuck inside ceilings.
  • Fixed an oversight where some name colours appeared incorrect in the chat, and where the "~" and "@" symbols were missing from servers and admins.
  • Fixed some typos and other item-related errors such as the star rarity of a few weapons being incorrect.
  • Cool!
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As it turns out the previous patch broke quest drop tables spectacularly, so here's an emergency fix, haha...
Sorry for the inconvenience, game should be half playable again now!

  • Fixed Crate drop tables being completely snuffed by the last patch.
    • While I was at it, I also actually added the crate sprites for real this time! (Sprites courtesy of Gunla, no fakesies!)
  • Adressed a bug where the party leader could potentially get desynched in dedicated servers? The server now sets the leader again via command between each map to attempt to ensure synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug where you could perform some actions like attacking or using jump pads while frozen (The latter would also softlock you as an added funny)
Another round of fixes coming up.



  • Item Crates now have new better looking sprites (courtesy of Gunla).
    • Edit: Er, about that, I uh, forgot to paste the sprites in the release file so I guess this'll be for next time...
  • Item Crates now play a sound when destroyed.
  • Item Drops are now calculated for all player slots regardless of players being connected or not.
    • Previously, a new player joining mid-quest would not be able to acquire any drops from Item Crates as drops had only been generated for the existing player slots.
  • Added new "effectcolor" property to weapon definitions which changes the colour of trails and bullets.
    • Some existing weapons were given an effectcolor as a result.

  • Fixed an oversight where the vanilla SRB2 tutorial wasn't disabled.
  • Fixed an oversight where the player status HUD would not be reenabled after leaving the Storehouse in the lobby.
  • Fixed a bug where joining mid-quest would cause drops on the field to visually look the same as the host's drops instead of yours, or be invisible if the host had already collected their instance of the drop.
  • Fixed a dangerous inconsistency in drop hitbox size depending on drop type which could lead to synch failures.
  • Fixed a bug where the item shop would not refreshed if the player failed the quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the Double Saber PA Spin Advance had broken visuals.
  • Fixed an issue where the Double Saber PA Deadly Archer would break if the player was incapacitated mid-usage
  • Fixed an oversight where NPCs in the lobby would lack their followmobj (script courtesy of Sal)

The modding documentation is also coming up quite smoothly and should be ready soon-ish, hopefully!
I will post it in updates when it's ready! Apologies for the delay
  • Cool!
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Now that the game isn't breaking in huge chunks anymore I can slow down on patches and actually have a bigger list of changes and fixes instead of running around fixing game breaking bugs every 2 hours!

  • Players now revive automatically after clearing a quest.
  • Players can no longer take any damage whatsoever after clearing a quest.
  • Boss 2's base HP was reduced from 4500 to 3000 as it was just too much of a sponge.
  • Saber PA Crushing Leap now has taller hitboxes, it should now consistently hit targets.
  • The shop item list is now a global variable. ...This'll be useful for modding, probably!
  • Added support for UDMF maps.
    • The modding documentation is being worked on, it will still be a while before I can provide a good documentation with sample wads to work off of as I'm still actively patching bugs as they come up
  • Fixed a game crash related to music fades when entering boss rooms.
    • As a result, musics no longer fade out when entering boss rooms.
  • Clients now attempt to log in every 5s after a failed login attempt instead of just giving up and letting you stare at a blank "LOGGING IN..." screen
  • Adressed a bug where it was possible to use Jump Pads in various hitstun states which could let you get stuck inside ceilings among other funny things.
  • Fixed a bug where dying wouldn't close active menus, clear status conditions or prevent you from opening other menus for a short while.
  • Fixed a bug where Meseta drops were abnormally high in multiplayer depending on player count.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crawla Commander sometimes stayed in its jump state indefinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where the confirmation sound for sending an item to storage via the NPC would be heard globally.
  • Fixed some item descriptions having typos or not fitting inside the box properly.
  • Actually updated the title screen version number this time lol

Thanks for your patience playing some half broken mess!