SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff!

SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff! 1.10.3

This is summoningly so good, I seen many reviews for this. I tryed it out and it seems as a usual peak of modding, you really shine as a star.
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Man, I loved PSOBB and PSZero, so this hits all my nostalgia bones.

But even disregarding that, this is an excellent RPG in SRB2, with proper multiplayer support and even multiplayer save files, which SRB2 doesn't usually do.

And the fact that I can set up silly custom Symbol Chats for a server is just the icing on the cake! I love this mod.
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this mod is literal peak srb2, everything about it is amazing, especially when you play it with friends
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Definitely feels like I'm playing PSO or a MMORPG in general. Really love the combat and the levels design for it.
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The peak of SRB2, pack it up gamers
I'm definitely not saying this as a Phantasy Star enjoyer

Easy to learn, very customizable, with each class having its (mostly) intended use. You really nailed down a lot of the charm the series had at that point of its history, and I'm lookin forward to the stuff people make for this.

That one final boss attack still got some goofy hitboxes though.
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Writing this with only having played through very little.

I'm really impressed, thinking we would ever go as far as Kart Racing and Persona summoning. Not only is this Phantasy Star based but extremely fun to control. Granted I did have to rebind a lot since I'm on controller but it was totally worth it seeing how much I can be done.
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Phantasy Star Online was part of my life for well over a decade at this point. I played Blue Burst in my shitty laptop as a kid, then PSO2 in a slightly less shitty computer as a teenager.

This mod has all the Phantasy Star charm that New Genesis doesn't. It's a quasi-recreation of a 14 year old game, but it has just enough "new" that it feels fresh and challenging. I can't wait to play this with my friends who know nothing about Phantasy Star (or Sonic for that matter).

Thanks for the mod. Excited to see where it goes :)
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in split screen it say loading
Unfortunately Splitscreen doesn't work right now, I'll try to have it working sometime when I'm not actively patching game breaking bugs!
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I will never play phantasy star but this is very fun. This is on par with SRB2P which was already peak. Can't wait for mod support later down the line but I am happy with what I am seeing for now. Peak SRB2 modding as usual
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I remember when you said "i might not go far with this"
but this is hilarious

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Any proper review is cheating since I was fond of the source material to begin with, but you sure pulled it off, boss.

However, If planning for new class in future, why not enable option to upgrade equip of 1 mainclass & 1 subclass, into equip 2 main class? Requirement: 2nd main class should be at least level 60.
Instead of gaining 2nd equipped class subclass benefit, it gain the mainclass benefit instead, including the weapon mainclass benefit too.

i) High defense, sword main, & able to buff party member? Hunter Main + Techner Main (Paladin)
ii) Want to punch & kick hard? Fighter main + Bouncer Main (Martial artist)
iii) True all-range magician? Force main + Techner main
iv) Magic gunner? Magic swordman? Monk?
v) Weapon master? Ability to use more weapon of their full potential? Not that one may use it all, just keeping the possibility. Also previously one said "Multi Weapon", to multi more than 2 weapon together, this can work well.

To not render existing class inferior to new class, like Slayer, i like the class, but really, it's very powerful. Too powerful perhaps, that you need to constantly balancing other classes. I heard you're going for new successor class? Why not try this instead?

Additional reason:
Again I say, what happen only is, instead of gaining 2nd class subclass benefit, one can get its mainclass benefit instead.
May or may not consider my suggestion, just please whatever you do, don't abandon existing classes, or create another overly powerful class that render other class inferior, again.
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As if SRB2P wasn't crazy enough of a custom game mode, you just go and create an MMORPG.

Even playing this in its beta state, it was a super fun time as well as incredibly impressive to witness on the technical side of things. The choice from three vastly different gameplay styles, as well as a loot system, buying and selling stuff, even rare drops keeps the gameplay fresh and downright addicting. It's so satisfying coming back from a mission and mass selling all the stuff I don't use for my current run/class, keeping the stronger gear or even choosing to keep slightly weaker ones just to have element diversity.

Enemies having their own unique combat abilities also makes for downright threatening encounters with fish of all things. And the bosses are very intimidating when they can wipe you out easily with a few mistakes from your side. I really like how, even if you die in a mission, you can still go back to the latest checkpoint and keep going. Of course, it affects your rank, but it's still a really good thing to have.

I haven't even beaten a full campaign yet, I've only really got to the third set of missions and even then it was super engaging. This mod is a MUST with multiple people, though - running around with a squad of diverse team members (or funnily enough, 6 shadows with guns) is really, really fun. I've had such a chaotic time fighting a boss while my team members kept dying and me trying to revive them all the time, while also dying myself.

My only honest critique is that the gameplay can sometimes feel a little slow, but I grew to manage it and appreciate its slower pace, even though sometimes I wish I could pull off a DMC combo on a poor crawla.
A fantastic mod, can't wait to join massive servers with gun-sword wielding maniacs. Welcome Aboard!
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