SRB2 Paint

[Open Assets] SRB2 Paint 1.7.1

* Fixed canvas_save and canvas_load not actually working on dedicated servers.
* The canvas should no longer error sometimes when drawing out of bounds.
- Dedicated servers can no longer run commands that would not work anyway (can now only run canvas_drawfull, canvas_undo, canvas_save, canvas_load).
+ If a player left their cursor will now start blinking
* Fixed circles: big circles no longer result in unconnected dots and drawing a filled circle works properly.
* Made drawing code more stable, thus many pcalls were removed, as they *should* no longer be necessary.
* Fixed the wrap fix from last version not always working.
* Fixed canvas_save causing a crash in netgames.
+ Dedicated servers now have access to all canvas commands.
+ The scroll wheel can now be used to change the cursor's color.
+ Improved the way changes are stored, now up to 5 changes can be stored in netgames instead of 1 (Singleplayer still has up to 25).
* Small code adjustments.
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* To avoid using too much memory, canvas_undo now only stores up to 25 changes (in singleplayer).
* Fixed canvas_undo in netgames, its now synced properly but can only store the last change.
* Fixed canvas_load in netgames, only the server admins can use it.
* Fixed keyboard controls drawing lines across the canvas when wrapping around.
+ The mod version is now displayed ingame.
* Adjusted this ancient code a bit.
* Fixed the invalid color message saying to use info_colorlist instead of canvas_colorlist.
* Greatly optimized the bucket's code (with help by Spectrum).
+ Added a setting to make the bucket fill the area over time instead of immediatly.
+ Finally added mouse support!
+ canvas_undo now says when there's nothing left to undo.
* The -fill parameter now works with canvas_drawcircle, it is not 100% accurate due to technical limitations
* Fixed bugs with commands when giving invalid arguments
- Removed the ability to load an image to the canvas in netgames, to avoid desynchs
+ added canvas_drawcircle
+ added Conway's game of life, toggable with canvas_togglegol

Edit: just realized I forgot to make the -fill parameter work with canvas_drawcircle, gonna fix it asap
* Greatly improved how loading an image works, allowing it to read correctly way more images, they need to be resized to 320x200 though
+ Added level select picture for White Canvas Zone
+ WCZ can also be accessed from any level select now
* The map will be forced to WCZ now, other maps would just be the same canvas but with lag either way
+ Added Experimental netgame support, its not perfect yet, and some desynchs/issues may still happen