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MAPOT: Downtown

In this map you race around a city that puts the down in downtown. It opens with turns that drop off into lower parts of the city. Then you go through a tunnel and up hill until you go through the sky tube thing. (I don't know what to call it.) Then you drop back down at the finish line.

The song used for this track is Small Town Shake Down by tuuwa

MAPOU: Shoreline
The new track is named Shoreline and has you racing on a small island. After the first turn you drive across the beach then go into a cave. In the cave you do a jump from the lower section to the higher section and finally do a jump out of the cave and land in front of the finish line. This track is 5 laps long.

The music used here is Fruity by Yumi Rose
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  1. Soundcloud Pack v0.2

    This update adds a new track and fixes a software renderer issue in the Downtown map. The new...

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This course doesn't really have much going for it? The track is pretty simple and inoffensive. Aesthetically, though, it's very bland? Little things like, giving the road a more road-like texture, or differentiating the sidewalk or buildings in any way... but it's all just brown. Also not sure if it's just my settings (I'm playing on Software mode) but the box around the course (which appears a sunset gradient in your sample image) is a black box for me. I can see the purple sky above that, though. Dunno what's up with that!
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Welcome to releases.
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