Sonki The Hedgehawg

Sonki The Hedgehawg v1.8.2 - ok im like done lmao ive had enough

bounce fixes and vfx modifications
this will be the last update for a while.

list of changes:
-pizza tower turn has been reimpliemnted by Luigi Budd! while emmitting afterimages, you can let go of the movement keys to turn in place, allowing you to preserve your dashmode on tight turns!
-most of sonki's thinkers have been combined into one big hook, hopefully reducing a decent chunk of lag
-afterimages are red and green now lol and they will stay that way

any updates made after this will be bugfixes and lag fixes
some multiplayer bounce fixes, courtesy of @Maril
You can now strike a banger pose with Custom1

There are 14 total poses!

Also you can parry too.


I plan on bringing the turning back soon, the sprites for that are still in the files

(3d model doesn't support taunting btw)

Taunt code by TGTLS btw
lol im late for removing the april fools update

also conklers is cancelled, i uh lost motivation due to working on my own game
Sonki's dashmode now only works for him, and his dashmode now keeps your speed on the ground
I was planning on getting this out later, but with a 3D model being made, I figured I'd get this out now.

Version 2 is gonna be a complete rewrite of Sonki's code, but, don't worry, his moveset will not be changing again.

However, some things will be removed in this update, like the TV, as the animations are not done yet.
If you would like to see some preview content of V2, go into Slade and move all the files in the "unused" folder and move them to the respective folders. (these are wip and not everything may work or be finished)
this should work
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