Sirus's Madness Character Pack [ ICONS UPDATED! ]

Sirus's Madness Character Pack [ ICONS UPDATED! ] v3.75

I'm including a resprite of a majority of the characters, it's a very subtle change, but got to get good at outlining! I'll also be sorting all of the characters into three different downloads possibly, the minor characters and the major characters and the joke characters. Also included in v4.0 are the next two characters to show up in this character pack! Thank god! Just be patient with me, because this is all at the same time around when finals for school is happening, and as a AP student, I got to be at the top of my game, so wish me luck!


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They funky and fresh, what more could you want! Just a side update, after the next major update is released, i'll update everyone's sprites sheets. =)

You have been betrayed.

Joke Sheriff got his stats rearranged, suppose to be speed 6 and weight 3, he's a coward dude!
Did you enjoy the real sheriff 1337? He's awesome right? Haha so true!

I'm done with the improvised Sheriff ( I honestly never planned on him but then I remembered that he had a new design, wicked! )


The stats for him are as followed -

Speed - 4

Weight - 7

Wicked Sick! And always remember, that to never try to shoot the Sheriff! B)
I finally fixed the download problem with the mod so go check the ATP engineer if you want!!

I felt really bad that I threw in a "bonus" character, a really good looking character with lots of spice that even Dwayne The Rock Johnson couldn't handle, swag! Their name won't be revealed yet but their stats are -

Weight - 3

Speed - 6

What fun! Enjoy the two new characters, with the other totally planned!


ATP Engineer Stats -

Weight - 6
Speed - 5

With the addition of a new character, the ATP Engineer from Madness Combat, this is now officially my character pack ( Thank God! ). With this in mind, I'll be adding more characters along the way, the minor characters serving as practice for the important characters.

Next up -

ATP Soldat - Minor Character -
Christoff - Important Character -
Sanford - Important Character -
( and finally my boy )
Deimos. - Important Character -

Expect lots of fixes with the minor characters as they serve as practice for my modding and spiriting skills ( since it's literally been 5 years since I've worked on anything sprite related. )

Thanks for being cool people! B)

Also thanks to @NotMe_ once again for providing the base, go check out his pack for the rest of the cast!