Simple AnimaL

[Open Assets] Simple AnimaL v2.1.3

Fixed a bug that would cause splitscreen players to animate incorrectly if one of them started spectating.
Removed a print I was using for testing (though under normal conditions it would never activate, anyway.)
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Added some sanity checks to fix possible bugs.
Made indentation consistent.
Fixed an issue where goalpost secondcolor overlays would not animate correctly.
If your add-on includes a string comparison to determine which skin your Simple AnimaL is using, use ANIMATION_HELPERS.getSkin(mobj) instead to guarantee that it behaves correctly for overlays.
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This update changes how the animation hook is handled to achieve better performance in maps with large numbers of mobjs. In addition, some new features are available.
  • Secondcolor support.
  • Dynskins support.
  • The console command simple_animal was introduced to print some debug information about what skins are currently supported, and what versions have been loaded.
Along with this update, though, comes the Giant Animal Template (the L is lowercase this time because it doesn't have Lua) for Kartmaker. This template includes a massive spritesheet covering the full 62 frames available, as well as Javascript to create a properties.txt to suit your needs. The GAT includes templates for the standard Kart, @Aaron0000's HD Kart, and some "kartless" templates for people who like hoverboards and crap.
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  • Made a workaround for a hardcode bug that would cause Simple AnimaLs with extended frames to corrupt the graphics for all racers, even those without Lua.
  • Fixed newer versions of the script not being able to overwrite the base thinker for the older versions. Update to v1.1 immediately (the SRB2 Amy demo's update has been submitted and may not be immediately available for download.)
  • Added helper functions for simple checks like being giant, moving backwards, etc. In the case that you have a mod that would benefit from modifying these functions, you can access them through SIMPLE_ANIMAL_HELPERS.
  • The tutorials in the description will be revised over the next few minutes after this update.