[Reusable] SF94-Serv 4.1

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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This is a port of SF94-Serv, an old popular hangout levelpack made by SonicFreak94, Sik, Penopat and Donnyku.
Just in case someone needs it, here is a link to the thread for the 2.1 port.

  • allowresetnpcs: When disabled, only the server and administrator can use the resetnpcs command. Disabled by default. Might get removed from future versions.​
  • jumpsphere: Enables/disables the jump sphere that appears when you're jumping.​

  • event <type> [parameters]: Triggers the event specified by type with the optional specified parameters. type can be either: halloween, christmas or stop. For more information, just type event without anything else in the console.
  • resetnpcs: Resets all moving NPCs to their spawnpoint. Intended as a way to minimise resynch failures caused by the NPCs, even though it doesn't seem to help much. By default anyone can use this, however you can disable allowresetnpcs so that only the server/admin can use it. Might get removed from future versions.
  • sf94version: Shows the mod's version in the console.
  • timehelp: Lists all variables/command related to the day/night cycle and weather system. Look at this thread for detailled information.
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Latest reviews

yes, memories from the past.
Upvote 0
An old blast from the past! Also appreciate the dialogue changes, the original dialogue was... definitely [i]edgy teen humour[/i], to put it lightly.
Upvote 0
THX LJ to Port this this mod , i guess you will make a server hangout ? right
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I can't even begin to tell you how happy seeing this under releases made me. SF94-Serv might be old, but it will still always be one of my favorite hangout maps to ever come out of SRB2. Haven't encountered any issues so far & I'm having a great time. I especially appreciate the added commands. Now if only you could eat the empandas..
LJ Sonik
The ability to eat empanadas and interact with some objects might actually become a real thing someday, assuming I get enough motivation to work on this again.
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This really stand out's of a good port!
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great mod! i like it! you can host the hangout server with it!
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Glad to see an old mod get ported again!
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A blast from the past! Welcome to releases!
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