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Scribble isn't very competent, but he gets stuff done that's for sure!

Ability: Double Jump
Press jump after jumping once to do a double jump. Pretty simple.


Ability 2: Recurl
Press spin after doing a double jump to do a recurl. It saves you from taking a hit.


Dash Mode:
After a while Scribble will build enough speed to go into Dash Mode. You go very fast and get a cool animation with it too.

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Latest updates

  1. New abilities!

    There is now a curl and uncurl system made by @Sls64LGamingBro
  2. New Animations!

    There are now new and improved animations, and newly added ones! Paper Peelout animation

Latest reviews

scribbl sonc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I really love mods like these, where they take a whole new perspective or art form! Congrats on the first mod! I'd recommend adding more animations based on the situation(If that's even possible.) But I really love what you've done with it so far! Keep up the good work! :D
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A really charming first mod, congratulations!
For being just scribbles, I do commend you for giving him full rotations and animations for most possible states. I think you could go a little further, by giving him unique dashmode sprites and super sprites, but what you have is more than good enough.

Welcome Aboard, and hope to see you keep improving with your mods!
Thank you! I was planning on making more animations and updated some of the already existing ones.
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