my motivation run out so i'm just putting this here, sorry about that but i really can't help it

it has been so long that, i don't even remember the state this is at, i also did these, as a separate model pack, but guess what? motivation also run out and i just got sonic and tails models animated, not done tho, i'd say, don't expect a new update, don't expect these new models nothing, can't make promises so like. see you if i get that motivation back, and if i don't good bye.

(also i don't want any sad mesages or plp trying to cheer me up, i already made my desicion, and is not like i'm sad i'm just unmotivated as hell)


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So, i didn't get to do the things i wanted, and come to the realization that prob i won't be able to do it in a very long time, cuz, school as main problem then there's the fact i got more projects to finish and like, i'd like to do an small overhaul to my models, there're things that i think i should improve and put more effort to it, do better tecnics when modeling, get better at character desing so i can do better redesings (cuz i'm not joking when i say i'll atelast touch the desing of everyone who can be considered part of the sonic cast), and that kind of stuff, some stuff that you can somewhat notice in knux animations but anyway, all this means, unfortunetly i don't think you'll see a new update in a long time but i hope it'll be worth the wait

anyway so


  • TNT barrels
  • more animation and texture tweaks
  • & KNUUCKLES?!?!?


not going to show it cuz, lazyness and also busy, im doing the best i can.....
  • metal sonic is now in the pack
  • animations are tweaked
  • textures are tweaked
    so yeah im problably doing more for what's left of this year but like, if i get to do something of that i'll post it later
so.. hello people, this is very prob the last update of this summer cuz you know is already ending and that so i'll just drop what i got, tails is here, not as i wanted cuz i still cant fix the offsets of his tails so, you know, there will be some frames were the tails are a bit off placed but nothing crazy.


added models:
spikeballs(all of them)
and starpost that for some reasson it wasn't in the update before this one

tweaked, changed stuff:

springs are remaked
the rollout ball is tweaked
thunder shield also tweaked

im going wild with effects to the objects.

So, i recommend deleting the everthih related to the models before this, i did some reorganization, so if you don't wanna have things duplicated, and maybe it will work more properly this way

anyway enjoy


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MCsonic now have the drop dash, the victory pose, and the supper dash, the diferent deaths will come later,
there is also some tweaked monitors now smaller and with better texturing, the starpost/checkpoint and more stuff that i don't remember right now, so if you haven't notice this whole thing is just work in progress of what i wanted it to be, thing is, i just wanted to have some feedback, anyway, about tails, don't worry about him, he is practicaly done is just that, i have to mess with some test and error about the position of his tails and stuff so im waiting for an addon for blender that allows me directly export the blender files to md3 without any other procces so it would be easy for me, so be patient, there is a sing post but is don't worth it to use cuz don't work as well as i wanted, anyway enjoy it i guess.


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ok now you will be able to change colors
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so here we are, 2.0 is out
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