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Password here, you want it? Read for it.

Saturn Dreams is a model pack I've been developing in my free time, for fun.

You may ask, what do these models have? Well, I'm here to answer: This model pack is based on everything about Sonic around the late 90's to the start of the 2000's, being at first just "Sonic Adventure prototype" and now being "Everything that was cool back then, mixed with my own ideas, AND an NDS/MegaMan Legends pixel art-texture style, with a lot of design inspirations from the OVA, Sonic CD's animations, Sonic Jam artwork, Yuji Uekawa, and games from that era, including the classics, Sonic Jam, Sonic Adventure 1/2, and Sonic Advance 1/2/3.

Also just to clarify, don't freak out when you see the models' animation isn't that smooth, these models don't have full interpolation, so keep your interpolation setting in Sometimes for better usage. The Always setting will most likely break the models.

1. Download and extract.
The file will have a password, this is to make sure you read through everything! So, read through this and you'll be able to begin!

2. models.dat
The pack comes with a models.dat for use with itself only, but if you want to mix the models (which is quite likely), you'll need to do it properly. There's a lot of people who do it wrong and then complain about it, so I've decided to explain how this works.

models.dat format works like so:

(Character skin name) (File location [within models folder]) (Size settings)

having as a result:


"SONIC" being the name of the character

"CHARS" being the name of the folder

"SDSONIC.md3" being the name of the file

and "1.0 0.0" being the size settings

Why is it 1.0 0.0 instanted of 3.0 0.0? Not every model uses the same size settings, mine's use "1.0 0.0", because my models are bigger than Jeck Jims and don't need as much scaling.

With everything clarified...

I put a password because I don't want to see comments asking stuff that are already cleared up on the description. "ireadeverything" is the password, before you share the password around, think twice! Unless you want to cause trouble. I've put this in place to have people read through these, and not ask questions that have already been answered! Having to answer these constantly becomes annoying, so it's better if you don't ask them in the first place. It really gets tiring and unmotivating.

*Sonic *Rings *Chaos emeralds *Springs *mini spike balls *Monitors *Rollout ball *Dash bumpers *spikes *Unid badnick *Thunder shield

*Xmomentum *Max control(mcsonic) more or less, still have to finish some stuff from MCs.

LonelyFoxz and Totally Lerf: For help with fixing errors on the first models.
Snoc++: For helping me with the new rig
Everyone who criticized and suggested improvements for the model and helped me with the images for this post.

I hope you enjoy this pack as much as I did making it!
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Latest reviews

These Models are amazing and i was wondering when these models will get a tails model and now we got a tails models that's like what i wanted from these models and cuz of that these models get 5 stars from me
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if this isn't the best models i've seen i dont know what this community can make THIS IS INCREDIBLY AMAZING
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These models are great! I really love the feeling they give off! Definitely one IF not THE best model pack!
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This is a 10/10 model pack, love it & loved using it, I can't wait to see what the other characters and the Badniks will look like in it considering how unique your takes on Sonic & Tails are

I wonder if Amy will be a mix between her Classic and Modern designs, like the hedgehog quills of her Classic design and the front quills & dress of her Modern design or smthn like that
*apologies if this 2nd part should go in the Discussion thread instead*
I still don't know exactly how Amy would look like but ik exactly how i want her to not look like, and that is definitely a modern classic Amy, so don't expect something to much close to any of the oficial counterparts, Aldo thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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I love the style of these models, they are one of my favorite models, and the only thing that would improve my experience is if they did a neo sonic version in this model pack.
Nronsonic will have his own model, you just have to be really patient, cuz i want to finish everything from vanilla first
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I love the style of these models, you can see the work you put into them, I hope to be able to enjoy more models of this pack in the future.
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God these models are so good, and the fact you need to get a password to open it is better, plus Tails is cute! (what, you wanted it? no! go read the description ya bonehead!)
Yeah, i just did it to make people read some some clarifications
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OMG FINALLY TAILS IN THE PACK AGAIN. I LOVE THIS MODEL PACK. CANT WAIT FOR KNUCKLES. also you should make the red shoes for normal tails and blue shoes for crossmomentum tails. and also the tails disconnect on the waiting animation, tails also disconnect from walking animation and finally the tails disconnect when flying. i swear. i will stop with the "disconnect" word
1 i make the shoes purple for one reasson

2 i already say his tails were disconnected in some animations in the update post
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the tails model isnt working, screenshots in the discussion
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when I just put the password, it doesn't go, it says it's incorrect, and I'm putting it just like the one in the description
you are pasting " these too for sure
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