ROBLOX : Template Obby

ROBLOX : Template Obby V1

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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I understand my submission will be rejected if it does not follow forum rules, Submissions guidelines, and/or file name conventions
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Yeah it's literally just the ROBLOX Obby template, you can reuse this for anything, i dont care that much.
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My friend likes this even tho he quitted roblox
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incredible. this is life changing. i couldve never went on without this add-on.
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Best addon ever I've ever seen, one words, roblox.
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Well, this is pretty close to the source material... Although, I think it could use plenty of work. The map design doesn't really take into account SRB2's very different movement mechanics and is quite literally designed for a different game in mind, causing it to be extremely easy to cheese.
You can very easily jump over the first few platforms, and if your character can glide or fly it completely destroys the level design.

Honestly, this could work if it was updated to make it an actual challenge for SRB2 characters. Maybe even make more "templates", bigger maps.
its just suppose to be a roblox import, i do not plan on updating this since its been in the srb2 folder for November 2021, and its focused more on accuracy. sorry if this disappointed you.
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