Introducing 2-ish new Tracks!

RC Dot Ash

Race Around the AABL Arena in this close quarters track! What's that? You say you've seen this before in a forgotten mini game collection with a Bandicoot? Nonsense!

RC SNES Rainbow Road (MAP HELL)

Rivals RC has a version of this infamous track, so here it is. in all it's pain. Feel fear as you drive across the flat course with no barriers protecting you. god help you if someone throws a mach 7 orbi at you. The good news is that the Thwomps didn't show up...

Other Changes
-Fixed Checkpoints not facing the right way.
-Decreased Lighting on Starry so it feels more like it's Nighttime.
-Minor tweaks i may of forgotten about.
RC Starry has been reworked to be more accurate to Hyuponia's original vision. being more 'hilly' compared to the original.

It's also been more refined so some of the ramps present are less complicated. there is also no longer two moons.