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[Open Assets] Ridge Racer 7 announcer v1.6

I don't feel motivated to work on this anymore. I understand that this is pretty much incomplete, but I encourage anyone with coding expertise to fix this mod themselves, please.
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-New voicelines
"Okay, get ready to race!"Immediately on map load
"Good luck!"/"See you at the finish line!"/"Challenge the world record!"Briefly after the countdown. The last quote is triggered when racing alone
-Lap count voicelines are bound to individual players
-Better organization for those peeking into the code, also cleaned up the code a bit
-Other stuff I prolly lost track of
Apparently the rr7_shutup command breaks sync within a server so... I do apologize for any inconveniences to those that encountered this issue.

  • Adjusted the lua so it doesn't break the sync when activating rr7_shutup
  • Somewhat better documentation for if you just want a peek into the code.
  • With the rr7_shutup (default: Off) command, players can mute the announcer if they opt to. This is a client-side command.
    • rr7_enable (default: On) is also a thing, similar functionality except it is serverside.
  • Simplified some P_RandomRange stuff as apparently I overcomplicated stuff and broke some stuff.
  • "Go go go!" no longer plays when doing a drop dash. That voice clip has been repurposed into Grow/Invincible checks.
Minor fixes for consistency with the original game.
-Several new voicelines! They're as follow:
"Time attack is over!"Complete a race with only yourself in it
"Congratulations on winning a 1-on-1 battle!"Complete a race against one other racer
"FLOOOR IT!"/"Go go go!"Use a invincibility/grow!
"1 minute remaining.", "30 seconds remaining.", "10 seconds." "5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."Countdown timer starts. I know the default is 30, but I allowed for 60 here.
"Check"Placeholder. Why is it here? You tell me.
-Attempt to make the announcers a bit more dynamic
-Some voicelines change
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Changed the lua a bit