Randomize Characters Every Time You Collect A Ring

[Reusable] Randomize Characters Every Time You Collect A Ring 1

Good mod addon thingie
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It's fun to slap on a bunch of random character mods and see what happens. Some annoying things I have found are that for every ring you lose while Super, it changes your character making it likely that you'll lose your super form to a character that doesn't have a super form. Below are some of some moments that happened to me.

-Turns super with Mecha Sonic. *Doomsday Zone starts playing* changes into N64 Mario. *Metal Cap Music starts playing*
-Started playthrough with Sonic & Tails and I assume Tails isn't supposed to be able to change but for some reason Tails changed into Cacee and then when Deep Sea Act 3 loaded Metal Knuckles was my partner.
-Turns super with Shadow and then changes into Tails and gets stuck in the air.
-Hits a spring and for a second Dirk is just dancing in the air before changing to a different character
-Managed to get a permanent squish effect using Gemma.
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Welcome to releases!
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