-Painture Pack v2  - Chirp and Silque

-Painture Pack v2 - Chirp and Silque 2

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around 3 months ago, Chirp would be the only character I've had submitted to the message boards.

now, she is accompanied by Silque. and together, they make up the first of the Painture Pack! horaayy...

- - - - - characters:
Chirp [Peep and the Big Wide World]


Speed: 4
Weight: 2
Color: Red


a red robin with a dream to fly

Silque [Fire Emblem]


Speed: 1
Weight: 5
Color: Rust


a devoted cleric from novis

- - - - - changelog:
- added Chirp

- added Silque
- a complete redesign of Chirp's sprites because they were ugly asf

- - - - - plans for the future????:
wall of text incoming:

some ideas for characters that i have or you could expect to see sometime in the future; i don't want it to really be a whatever da fuck i want pack, so i'm trying to attempt some themes with the characters i plan to create

so here are the characters to expect:

Fire Emblem:
- kurthnaga
- olivia
- lachesis
- henry
- canas
- thea

Just, birds:
- peep [patbww]
- quack [patbww]
- tranquill [pokemon
- natu or xatu [pokemon]
- rowlet [pokemon, how does this not exist yet afds]
- maybe a random penguin or something just so pokemon don't clog this pack

Others, maybe as bonus characters:
- neo metal sonic [sonic heroes]
- a cake goby [tap tap fish, lol lmao]
- momoko [ghost stories dub]

tackling all of them in one go is obviously impossible, but i'm eager in sharing all of these ideas, since these are characters i've been thinking about including for quite a while now. and, obviously, these character releases are obviously going to be quite distant, since i'm still quite focused on developing my skills as an artist, and because character making can be a bit messy, like i've redesigned silque like 3.5 times before publishing, but that's just my lack of forethought lmao
regardless, i am really glad that i was able to improve over the 3+ months since i've released chirp, and kart spriting is definitely a test of my abilities. even if the first Chirp i've made was pretty low quality to my standards right now, i really appreciate the downloads and stuff.

so yeah
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  1. -v2: silque joins

    after a couple of months of tweaking, abandonment, and perfectionism, Silque is finally here...

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pack has neat spriting and both characters r cute

in conclusion: this is the best thing to ever exist
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