-Painture Pack v2  - Chirp and Silque

-Painture Pack v2 - Chirp and Silque 2

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around 3 months ago, Chirp would be the only character I've had submitted to the message boards.

now, she is accompanied by Silque. and together, they make up the first of the Painture Pack! horaayy...

- - - - - characters:
Chirp [Peep and the Big Wide World]


Speed: 4
Weight: 2
Color: Red


a red robin with a dream to fly

Silque [Fire Emblem]


Speed: 1
Weight: 5
Color: Rust


a devoted cleric from novis

- - - - - changelog:
- added Chirp

- added Silque
- a complete redesign of Chirp's sprites because they were ugly asf
- Chirp's lose quote has been altered

- - - - - plans for the future????:
i have 38 characters that i plan on doing, ummmmm. . .

obviously won't grind them all out at once lol

wish me luck

some of the guys to expect:

- Peep [Peep and the Big Wide World]
- Quack [Peep and the Big Wide World]
- Rowlet [Pokemon]
- Corviknight [Pokemon]
- Kurthnaga [Fire Emblem]
- Olivia [Fire Emblem]
- Canas [Fire Emblem]
- Nemo [Finding Nemo]
- Cake Goby [Tap Tap Fish] im sorry who
- Neo Metal Sonic [Sonic Heroes]
- Momoko [Ghost Stories]

Painture Pack will have focus on certain types of characters so the pack doesn't go wherever the fuck it wants to [with the exception of some bonus characters hahaha], since i'd like to have some theming in here, and they will be organized as such. Obviously, this is just a sneak peek of my ideas, and with the diversity of my planned cast, i'm committed to them all.

im not gonna be overambitious, since it's the last thing i want to happen lol. i just have a lot of ideas.
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  1. -v2: silque joins

    after a couple of months of tweaking, abandonment, and perfectionism, Silque is finally here...

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The definition of quality over quantity, these sprites kick ass; from the shading to the line work of the bike. The many redesign you said you did and months of making these characters clearly show. Hell, you even made custom art for your pack. pretty rad
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pack has neat spriting and both characters r cute

in conclusion: this is the best thing to ever exist
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