Pac-Man 1.2.2

Sorry about all the bugs present in the previous version, they should be all gone now...
- I took this chance to change the sound of the rev roll, and correct the pitch on the butt bounce sound, which I forgot to do last time.
- the Air Hang can now only be used for 1 second, and once per jump, like it's supposed to. This change does not apply to Super Pac-Man, have fun flying through levels with it!
- Lua mods that add the ability too uncurl should also work properly now!
- Basically just more polish in general this time around!
And you thought I was done, didn't you?
- Hud reworked again, with visual effects added to better signify health loss / gain
- Pac-Man World Re-Pac's Air Hang has been added, hold spin after a flip kick to use it!
- Rev Roll is twice as powerful for Super Pac-Man, and the Air Hang won't slow Super Pac-Man down
- Butt Bounce tweaked, can now bounce off of enemies and bouncy FOFs
- Other misc tweaks


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Version 1.2 is here!
- You can now gain 1 health wedge from collecting any 10 rings without getting hit!
- Pac-man can now grab onto ledges! (Thanks SMS Alfredo for letting me use the code!)
- All frames have been re-done, with a couple changes / new animations in the mix!
- Flip kick makes a sound when hitting a target, and butt bounce sound swapped out for the PMW2 one
- Butt bounce has been slightly buffed
- HUD for pachealth reorganized

The MD3 isn't ready yet, I'll have to figure something out for that. Regardless, I hope you have as much fun playing this as I did making it!


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Greetings fellow Pac-fans! To celebrate the release of Pac-Man World Re-Pac, I just wanted to announce that I am currently working on a patch that will be adding a few things to fix some minor inconveniences that I've had going back to this character! The biggest thing this patch will be adding is a ledge grab, so expect certain jumps to be a lot easier!

In the meantime, please consider playing Pac-Man World Re-Pac!
- Flip Kick should not damage the player anymore, and has invincibility frames in the air
- Fixed SPRTINFO offsets for NiGHTS Sprites, and super color showing up in NiGHTS stages.