Official Level Design Collab 2023: Round 2

Official Level Design Collab 2023: Round 2 1.1

Hey guys Larz T. First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone for checking out OLDC 2023 R2. To fully enjoy this more, there has been some slight code-side changes to OLDC to improve performance overall and towards the Hub. Don't ever use global hooks for your code friends. Other than that, here's a more extensive changelog at the bottom of this post alongside a known bugs list on our side on what still needs to be fixed.

Once again, I appreciate everyone taking the time to check this round out and I highly encourage to check out this update if you were experiencing performance issues before!

• Doomship level design updates
• Metallic City NPC Lua Script fix (which should have an affect on overall performance including the Hub)
• Arctic Summit has a new sound
• Hub portals tweaked and fixed (Distance check for portal thinkers)
• Music loops fixed for some tracks (Hub, Hexacolor Heaven, Windy Forest, Pump Sewers, Blue Mountain, Sapphire Twilight)
• Spleenik 2 Flame Rift fix
• Various fixes for Totem Tombolo and Fortune Forge
• Zaxel's Garden, Twilight Hill 2, and Totem Tombolo's emblems are now be functional
• Misc tweaks and fixes

• Circuit Rush Act 1 MP softlock if the timer runs out
• Arctic Summit dev time emblem not working, currently getting looked into
• Vixuzen's achievement emblems are not working, currently getting looked into
No more missing textures and smaller file size to get this uploaded. This should be the last hotfix. I hope you guys enjoy!
Something was missing in the original release and it has now been taken care of. Enjoy!
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