Obscure map pack

[Reusable] Obscure map pack V1.3

Daytona International Zone is very simple, the straights are very long and not much happens tbh. Everything about it is very barebones.

Rainbow Road Remix is incompletable without gameplay mods, and even as a 9 speed with a sneaker and boost stacking on hard speed you still can barely make these jumps. Even in that modded setting, its speed gated, lower speeds cannot make it. In vanilla you cannot complete it under any conditions whatsoever. I don't know what settings this was tested under, but I highly recommend testing maps in vanilla, on normal and hard speed, with various statblocks, before release. If something was intended to load, it certainly is not and the map is broken as a result. The checkpoints are broken and you can hit 9/8 checkpoints somehow.

Luigi Circuit has a lot of missing texture items (that flood the console with errors), some walls are missing where they shouldn't be, the water in the center is lacking deathplanes, the ramp cut before the finish line is slower than the main path and is superseded by a different inside corner cut anyways, I think its probably broken due to all the missing items at the end of that cut, and the scale of the map makes me feel very tiny and slow. Could be a cute port but has some technical issues to overcome as it is now.

The musicdefs on all these maps are blank and also they all lack minimaps. The map pack is divided into various wads instead of a pk3, which eats up file slots and is very cumbersome to load.
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Reviewing this while it currently has a single track, but it's pretty barebones.
There's no real shortcuts or any decoration to make the track pop out, the item placement is pretty far apart and the track itself is very simplistic.
And while the 5 laps kinda feel like a drag, the speed up you get at the very least makes it more interesting.

The current map needs plenty of work, but it's a good start nonetheless. I do hope to see it updated alongside seeing more tracks from you. Welcome aboard!
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